Health and Risk Management Assignment

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2Learning outcome 1WhatSafety and loss of life during project implementation and after the implementation is one of thekey measures of success of the projects in engineering sector (Chang, 2014). Nevertheless, someprojects are able to experience different risks which may be costly although some benefits areachieved after the implementation. Proper risk management and safety measures have to beenhanced for the project workers. The project managers must be able to ensure that the workersare protected from injury and have the relevant tools and knowledge to implement the projectscope. ThePanama Canalis one of the projects which was unable to achieve such key measuresbut became a key landmark from the benefits achieved (Zamorano and Martinez, 2016). In theimplementation, Stevens and George Washington Goethals were the key engineers whoenhanced the completion of the project. This project is considered as one of the deadliest projectto be implemented in the world. Engineering problems as well as lack of proper health and riskmanagement were some of the key causes of high work mortality rates in this project.So whatEven with the high risks and costs incurred in the implementation period, the project has beenable to open navigation to different locations. The shipping world has been enhanced since thecompletion of the canal and trade benefits has been achieved. More cargo has been able to movethrough the canal and this shows the benefits which are accruing from this project (Vachon,2010). The success of the canal is a key evidence of the works which were carried was importantfor the economic growth of the different regions, which depend on the canal for transportation.
3After implementation, the canal has grown to be of large benefit. Nevertheless, the changes intechnology and the vessels growing larger are offering a challenge to the canal. Suggestion for itsextensions are always coming up as options to keep the project functioning. The same riskswhich were experienced cannot be tolerated at the implementation time and this offers a greatchallenge to implement another phase of the project.What elseProper implementation and maintenance strategies are required on such projects to ensure theyare able to meet the changes in the markets. The technological advancements and innovationskills should be highly implemented to ensure that the projects changes are achieved at minimalcosts. Since the previous cases are well known, planners should be able to use the history toensure that the project continuous to bring the economic benefit to the region through properexpansion.What nowTechnological skills should be able to play a key role in enhancing the changes required. Thiswill ensure use of more machinery to expand the canal to accommodate the recent vessels. Inaddition, the management skills and available rules on OSHA should be key to ensure that theproblems experienced 100 years ago do not occur (Bennett and Danny, 2014). Most importantly,the risk management should be carried out before the implementation period. Lack of riskmanagement before the implementation meant that the French side was unable to complete theproject and required US to come to their rescue for the project to be completed.Learning outcome 2
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