Safety and Risk Management

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This report is on "safety management system". This train accident occurred on the 5th of June in 2007 at 13:40 AEST in the Australian state of Victoria, which is about six kilometers north of the city of the Kerang in the state NorthWest, and 257 kilometers that are north-northwest of the city of Melbourne. Depending on the report the truck driver failed to did not have sufficient rest. Depending on the regulation in Victoria it involves a driver especially for a truck to obtain a 30-minute sleep after driving for specific five hours. For a better understanding of the report, you can also check the Train risk and safety management system.

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SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENT2Kerang Train crash in AustraliaThis train accident occurred on 5thof June in2007 at 13:40 AEST in Australian state of Victoria ,that is about six kilometres north of the city of the Kerang in the state NorthWest , and 257kilometres that is north-northwest of the city of the Melbourne(Australia, 2014).The Southbound V/Line passenger train program 8042 that are comprised of the locomotiveN460 together with the carriage set which was N7 was operating into by the northbound semi-trailer truck at the level crossing exactly where the Piangil railway line crosses the Murray valleyHighway . The locomotive as well as the carriage eluded the impact as the truck swerved indirection of the left(Glendon, Clarke & McKenna, 2016). Nevertheless, the 2nd carriage inaddition to the third carriage were struck both, which brought on very intense damages thatoccurred to the carriages and fatal injury to eleven passengers. The truck needed innumerableforty tonnes and it had been travelling at one hundred kilometres per hour, its effect was adevastating tragedy(Australia, 2014). The truck, that was owned by the Canny CarryingBusiness of the Wangaratta and was driven by the Christiaan Scholl, was damaged extremely onconsequence to the carriage. School merely continual a shoulder and a head injuries. In thisaccident eleven individuals died and twenty three were injured in this crash, this was one of thedeadliest crash in Australian since the 1977 that took place at Granville(Glendon, Clarke &McKenna, 2016).The Granville train derailed and run into the support of the road bridge andcrashed on two train passenger carriages(Khan, Rathnayaka & Ahmed, 2015). This accidentkilled eighty four people, and more than 210 were injured affecting 1300 individuals.The train which that was involvedin Kerang accident was a locomotive hauled service fromSwan Hill that had departed for Melbourne at around 13:00. The train was operated by N class
SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENT3locomotive and 3 vehicle N kind carriage set. This collision triggered the closure of most theclose by part of Murray Valley Highway.Safety breaches which caused the accident.On this particularly accident it was caused by derailment. The derailment occurs when a trainruns off its rail. In this derailment it was caused by a collision by a truck when it was at the crossroad. The train crashed with the truck where there was a clear derailment of the running of thevehicle wheels on the track(Khan, Rathnayaka & Ahmed, 2015). This was an obstruction whichwas encountered at the road at level crossings- which is the grade crossing. This impact wasdevastating because the truck was carrying more than 40 tonnes and it was moving at a highspeed of 100kmh. the derailment in most of the cases cause a distribution on main lines to differfrom the distribution on the yard or the siding tracks, as a result of different in nature of theoperations in these two setting(Salmon, Lenne, Read, Walker & Stanton, 2014). This type ofderailment provides an insight into the development, evaluation, as well as the implementation ofthe accident prevention approaches given a specific set of the operating conditions. Speed is acontributing factor in this derailment severity, and several qualitative and quantitativerelationship between the derailments and the speed.Another aspect which have caused this accident could have been the fatigue. This is regarded asthe lack of recuperative sleep. This might are actually contributed by time as well as workplace,the period of time spent at the workplace along with the amount as well as quality of rest that isaccomplished to and after function periods(Salmon, Lenne, Read, Walker & Stanton, 2014).Depending on the report the truck driver failed to did not have sufficient rest. Depending on theregulation in Victoria it involves a driver especially for truck to obtain a 30 minute sleep afterdriving for specific five hours(Haque, Chin & Debnath, 2013). The motor vehicle driver happen

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From the above report "safety management system", we conclude that it had been reported from the study that the truck driver utilized the vision correcting glasses that changed the effect of the glare. The position of the sun whenever the accident occurred designed that the side of the train that was dealing with the truck driver was shadowed. Because of this, the contrast between the trains in addition to their background is a bit more likely to have minimized and a lot less easy for one to detect. Based on the rail operators in Australia configure on the locomotive ditch lights to flash any time the locomotive warning horn is initialized to have the capability to help in improving the conspicuity of the locomotive. It was not with regards to this incident. Changes to a policy that resulted from the incident and how this was implemented.

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