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Sainsbury Company Plc Assignment Products

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Habibullah Tohin Aman (1110556) AV Corp Promotional MaterialsTASK 1Sainsbury’s TASK 1.1Introduction:ainsbury’s is a large grocery company that woks in all the UK, it was founded by JohnJames Sainsbury in the 1869 with a shop managed by him and his wife (Mary Ann).Theshop was collocated in Drury Lane in London and their slogan (or as we can say thephilosophy of James) was that the product that they sold were with a good quality andwith a low price. The company was named as J. Sainsbury Limited as a privatecompany in the 1922. After that change the company was divided in sic departments dairy, baconand hams, poultry and game, cooked meats and fresh meats to give a better service to theircustomers.TASK 1.2Brick OperationSainsbury’s launched six trial shops in different part of the UK such as:-Alperton in London-Devizes in Wiltshire-Emersons Green in Bristol -Harpenden in Hertfordshire -Morecambe in Lancashire-Tamworth in StaffordshireThese shops have 3 important developments that are:Increasing of their popular “Tu” clothing range with the kitchen and homeware items to giveto the customers a larger choices of the non-food zone. Also, they have increased the spaceof non-food items such as Tech (mobile phones and tablets), health and beauty, pharmacy,homeware and clothing by 30% in these trial shop.To meet the needs of the customers Sainsbury’s has introduced a new self-checkouts thatallow customers with small trollies to buy their item other than using the basket self-checkout. Also, they have integrated new app called “SmartShop” which allow thecustomer to prepare their shopping list at home and then in the store with the help of thisapp that shows to them the collocation of the items and that allow the customers to findthem quickly and buy them quickly by paying via mobile phone.The last thing that they have integrated is the “Food and Go” that consist to move thebakery in front of the shop (closer to the checkouts) to give to the customers more freshitems and move the frozen aisle closer to them to give the opportunity to the customer tohave a choice between them. Another operation made by Sainsbury’s recently is to improve their fridge system by usingaerofoils a technology given by the “William Advanced Technology” used on the F1 cars thatimproved the energy consummation of the fridges (aerofoils allow the fridge to keep the coldinto the fridge and not going out of it so less energy is wasted) of the Sainsbury’s shops. Basicallythe cold air streams from holes in the top of the fridge cabinet to keep product cold and with the1Unit 8 - eCommerce

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