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Running Head: SALES MANAGEMENTSales Management
SALES MANAGEMENT2Understand sales and marketing strategy1.1 evaluating the links between corporate sales and strategy along with the marketingstrategyThere is a strong link that exists between the corporate strategy and the marketing strategy. Itcan be said that for a company are two of the most vital plans. However, both of them tend tohave different structures and components but they are equally important for making abusiness successful. The corporate strategy is mainly regarded as the car engine of the firm. Ittends to drive the business towards the goals that are long-terms. On the other hand, themarketing strategy is a business-level strategy defining how an organization will be attractingconsumers to their products (Ansoff, 1957).1.2The strategies for the competitive advantage by a company are as follows: operationaleffectiveness strategy, cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and technology basedcompetitive strategy.It can be said that the growth strategies are required by the business for growing theirbusiness and enhancing profits and sales. There are some of the ways by which the firms mayuse for implementing the growth strategies. The strategies for the growth are as follows:Market development, market penetration strategy, growth through diversification and productexpansion strategy.The strategies for the markets are as follows: Projecting the marketing share, pricing theproduct in an effective manner, distribution, promotion plan and sales potential.The strategies for the market position are as follows: Pricing as the positioning strategy,positioning strategy based on the application or use, positioning based on the culture
SALES MANAGEMENT3symbols, positioning strategy with regards to the product class and positioning strategy withregards to the competitors.1.3There are some of the methods for setting the basic sales. Some of them are as follows:Challenging the prospect status quo of the company, finding the value edge, telling storieswith the required contrast, and making the consumer as hero. On the other hand, the methodsof evaluating the marketing objectives are as follows: Checking for changes in the sales,using a good questionnaire, evaluating the return on investment, monitoring the progress, andcontrasting the strategy with the competitors.1.4It can be said that there is certain criteria for evaluating the strategic options and a choice hasto be made by an individual. The following are some of the success criteria for the strategicoptions evaluation- Suitability, acceptability and feasibility. On the other hand, it has beenobserved that the strategic options can also be used in making the decisions (Bruno andLeidecker, 1988).1.5It has been observed that technological advancement has streamlined the entire sales processto a great extent. In the next 10 years it has been predicted that the technologicaladvancements will be impacting most aspects of the marketing and sales strategy andmanagement.Below are some of the ways by which the technological advancement is changing thestrategic sales and marketing:
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