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Running Head: SALES MANAGEMENT 1Task 2: Coaching and MentoringName of the StudentName of the University
SALES MANAGEMENT22.1 Coaching or mentoring program on Performance NeedsCoaching is provided for fulfilling the short-term goals whereas mentoring can help inachieving various kinds of goals such as short, medium and long-term goals by focusing onboth the present and the future goals.The ideas and objectives based on which the program will be developed are—First, the program will be for the new as well as the old employees for 6 months.Second, the main aim of the program is provided training and developmental programs sothat the organizational goals can be accomplished easily (BusinessBalls, 2017).Third, communication will be done face to face, through group activities, various moderntools.Fourth, the performance and the growth of the employees will be monitored regularly. Theywill be also evaluated based on their behavior with others.Fifth, training is essential as it will help the employees to perform well in the changingbusiness scenario. It will also be easier to identify challenges and opportunities.Finally, the employees will learn to give their best by working together.2.2 Success analysis of coaching or mentoring programSuccess plays an important role in motivating and improving the performance of boththe organization and the employees. Another aim of mentoring or coaching program is todevelop a good work culture and management system. The third aim is to maximize theperformance of the individuals and the teams. The final aim is to improve the position, imageand equity of the firm in the market by providing good services and products (Connor, andPokora, 2012). So, the SMART objective plan is---
SALES MANAGEMENT3First, the mentees will be provided training based on their needs, time and situation.Second, to increase the retention rate if the firm by 20% within 1 year.Third, employees should be evaluated in every 4 months.Fourth, to increase the sales of the firm by 20% within 6 months.Fifth, to increase the productivity and success of the firm by 30% within 3 years.Finally, proper documentation should be done so as to monitor the progress of the employeesand the firm.3.1 Coaching or Mentoring SessionsThe individuals learn to improve their performance and behavior by developingconfidence within themselves. The teams not only learn to trust each other and create a goodwork relationship but also learn to improve their communication and other decisions makingskills. The mentoring session should be organized in every four months after identifying theneeds and scrutinizing the business environment. Workshop, training or felicitation programsshould be conducted (Joo, Sushko and McLean, 2012). The session should be face to face asit will be easier to guide and evaluate the performance and growth of the employees both asan individual and as a team member. The success should be documented so that based on thatfuture sessions can be conducted.3.2 Delivering coaching or mentoring sessions and also maintain recordsThe GROW model helps the mentor to set different goals and guides the mentees togain success. The mentor also analyses the performance and need of the employees based onwhich the tools such as brainstorming, Buzan, six thinking tools are used so that theindividual and the team can learn and develop something new within them. Buzan or the
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