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SALES MANAGEMENT2Introduction to Briefing Document This briefing document will highlight the review of the usefulness of sales information by the colleagues. It will consist of Evaluation of the significance of realistic market data that sales function used to provide the functioning of the market. It will also describe the effect of sales related information to the marketing and sales strategy and the marketing mix. In this document, an organization will get an evaluation of the budget allocated to obtain marketing information. And finally, it will evaluate that your organization's policy on information storage meets the data protection requirements.Usefulness of sales-related informationFor getting a positive feedback from colleagues regarding sales-related information and its usefulness, feedback culture is needed within the organization. For implementing feedback culture here are the four steps to make it sure that the process works[ CITATION Aiz07 \l 1033 ].1.Providing feedback on regular basis and as quick as they can. Examine responses with new representatives when they join the organization. Clarify that opportunity of feedback have been made in their weeks and the review has been intended to enable them to enhance, and their supervisor will get reviews from them. Input must be a surprise, and neither staff nor supervisors should feel crazy with infrequent feedback.2.Guarantee that each worker realizes how to appropriately convey the feedback. A good sales manager can also act as a good coach. This means that they must see how to do the mentor, in which positive input and constructive, difficult criticism are distributed to both. A good feedback is specific, targeted, and timely. Companies musttake time to offer feedback to all workers, to build up the abilities expected to set up organizational targets for coordination of the reaction.

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