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Running head: SALES MANAGEMENT1Report: Marketing and Sales in PracticeStudent NameInstitution
SALES MANAGEMENT2Introduction The majority of the business sectors are different and change after some time, clients are as still not standing. Diverse marketing techniques must be adopted to boost their viability for thevarious target group of audiences. This area will discuss that by picking the objective markets reasonably, you can get a higher rate of return for your exercises, how new services and productscan expand it further. In this proposal of strategy, we will discuss every aspect in the details[ CITATION Pan07 \l 1033 ]. Addressing the requirements of the target marketA key part of the good management of marketing and sales is to have the orientation of marketing which is to understand and guess what really your customers are hunting for. One of the major ways to target the market is segmentation. In segmentation you segment the customers and the market, this is the best way to know about the potential target market[ CITATION Haf13 \l 1033 ]. There are two types of the market to focus on: 1.Business to Business: This consist of size (Small, Medium and Big), type of industry,purchasing behaviour and operating capability. 2.Consumer Market: This consist of factors like geographical and demographics. The buying behaviour of the customer and lifestyle is also a part which is important to focus on. Financial ReturnThe technique utilized while figuring Financial Return will depend on the return on investment, this is well known to the accounts department. For this, organizational will have to

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