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Sample Assignment on Nursing PDF

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Added on  2021-04-17

Sample Assignment on Nursing PDF

   Added on 2021-04-17

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Running head: NURSING1Sustainability PolicyName:Institution:Date:
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NURSING2Part 1Construct a mind map as a visual representation that illustrates your personal culturalvalues, beliefs and behaviors. You should identify at least four (4) values, beliefs andbehaviours that contribute to your personal cultural identityRespectPeer pressureBeing professionalConvinienceCareerHealthFamilyWealthYour behavior(How you Act)Your AttitudesYour values(What is importantYour beliefs
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NURSING3CultureFaithEducationExperiencementorsWe all have our values, beliefs and attitudes as humans that have developed in us throughout our lives. Those around us contribute contribute to our sense on how we view the world and who we are. As community service workers, we often work with vulnerable people and we work to help them feel empowered (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2012). Therefore, we need to be aware of our beliefs, attitudes and personal values and adopt the professional values and not to impose what we call our values and beliefs on our clients. The daily practice of health professionals must start from a humanistic conception which holds that the highest value is man himself and that, in essence, all men are equally worthy, perfectible and possess the same potentialities (Peate, Wild & Nair, 2014).Values are qualities, standards or principles that an individual holds in high regard. This is something that an individual holds dear and are the qualities that we consider to be of worth. Values influences our judgements and have an impact on our personal cultural identity. Our values come from various sources including Family, peers, our workplace, religion, educational institutions among others [ CITATION Cox17 \l 1033 ]. The values that have contributed significantly to my personal cultural identity are integrity,discipline, accountability, diligence and perseverance (Tschudin, 2007). This values have influenced mein a lot of ways, for example, the way I carry out my daily activities. They have helped me to become hopeful in situations that others may have termed as helpless. These values have
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