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Sample Assignment on Tesol PDF

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running Head: TESOLTESOLName of the Student:Academic Affiliation:Date:
TESOLTeaching contextTarget studentsThe book marks learners below:Age – 7 to 8Class size – 30 studentsLevel – A1 or A2Category – non-native students/ Chinese learnersGender – mixedNeeds – non nativeObjectivesTo develop learners’ cognitive effort to learn latest thingsTo stimulate learners’ effort to effectually express themselvesTo develop learners’ attitude in EnglishTo develop learners’ to express themselves in day-today life.Syllabus contentThisunit aimed at drinking and eating as part of day-today life. Its outcomes are brought throughpictures, activities and interesting videos that attach learners’ interest in the linguistic class.According to this chapter it has some other units that originate from related topics. This givesopportunity for effectual communication (Mathew, 2017).IntroductionDrinking or eating is a unit that has six chapters in the studying textbook with 4 sections. Iobserved at the subcategories grouped with various instructions and found out that every sectionhas practice exercises, activities and practical examples (Goulah, 2017). The material gives out a
TESOLsystematic way of approaching language sessions with student activities that help to enhancespeaking, reading, listening and emotional skills. The chapter that deals with instructions has amake that focuses students at smaller age. Focusing seven to eight years of age, the sectioncontains videos, narratives and colorful image for interactive studying. I should agree that thischapter is effectual due to its applications of rules and regulations of studying (Kitchen, 2017).Developing knowledgeable skills at this level comprises; basic communication, syntax,vocabulary, basic phonology and meaning of words. Young people learn by instructions for Ihave dealt with them. The use of visual aids and pictures makes it more effectual. Learningprogrammed approach is changeable for two language teaching. I observed that application ofstudying 3 principles includes;Stimulating the learners feeling ability and intellectual participationInvolving students with contents to stimulate their ability and curiosity to be attentive.Allowing learners to have opportunity of using another language to achieve communication.I was in position to attest if the material was valid in this accordance,Principle 1 – opportunity to use the focus language to obtain communicative intentions“Chun” two thousand and fourteen researches out the usefulness of instructions adequately in(EFL). In conjunction with the notion, I have confidence that learning international language at astart stage requires effectual teaching techniques. Studying at various levels has effectualnessdepending on the experience of the teacher (.Madden, 2017).Learner 1 puts down foundation forfurther capabilities and strengths. However, an effectual preparation technique is effective andlinguistic sessions need relieving literature for development and teaching materials. Conversationis a procedure that involves the use of memory and brain. Siblings at this level are in position tochange information via instructions. The “instructional theory” acts by the states and cognitive
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