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Samsung SWOT Analysis | Assignment

Added on - 28 Mar 2020

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Running Head: MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVESWOT Analysis and Management PerspectiveStudent’s Name:Institution Affiliation:.
SAMSUNG SWOT ANALYSIS2IntroductionThe purpose of this assignment is to carry out a self SWOT analysis with the aim ofassessing my qualifications, skills, and knowledge that can make me suitable candidate to joinSamsung Company. The success of Samsung attributes to the successful engagement of all thestakeholders; therefore, this article, examines the SWOT analysis of all the parties concerned toachieve a proper management perspective of Samsung Company and provide personalorganizational fit.Summary of organizationSamsung Company is a South Korean company created in 1969 to be one of the world’slargest electric appliances producer (Jung, 2011).The wide range of the product portfolio thatSamsungs enjoys includes; mobile phones, tablets, televisions, camcorders, home appliances,memory cards and other devices. A large number of various products and efficiency ofcomponents production have allowed Samsung to cut on manufacturing cost. With the broadrange of the products, Samsung holds a significant market share is making it be the secondmarket commander after Nokia as a result of its innovativeness. However, despite the fact ofhaving the best quality products and commanding a greater share of the market, the company’sproducts face major threats from the Chinese goods that are more of economies of scales that endup in most of the under-developed markets threatening their worldwide commandSWOTanalysis is a business method that is used to identify the internal strengths and weakness andexternal opportunities and threats to provide critical information needed to create a strategicgrowth plan (Vanek et al., 2012). The method is important to individuals who are seeking jobs orwants to climb the organization ladders by helping the individual on how to play on the strengths
SAMSUNG SWOT ANALYSIS3and managing the weakens at the same time uncovering opportunities and doing away with thethreats that hinder your progress.MethodologyThe purpose of the study was to acquire and carry out a SWOT analysis on mymanagement perspective with Samsung Company as a reflection organization. In this study, Iread various management documents that relate to the company and used quantitative method tobring together my findings. I also used various tools for personal analysis to identify mystrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the attempt of analyzing my professionalperformance. My focus was mainly on my on the management perspectives while providingpersonal views on the management style and the subordinate views on their feeling of themanagement style. Some of the information was also collected outside the institution to givecomparison and help in making personal organizational fit. The information was collectedthrough doing of a number of researchesStrengthsHaving attained a master in Project Management, I have achieved various managementskills that I can use in overseeing particulars projects such as creation and launching of newproducts in case I get the chance of working with a company like Samsung. After the degree andgraduation, I landed an internship at Nokia Electronics, where I gained more experience indifferent departments such the service solution departments, the consumer departments, supplyand chain departments, corporate development department. As a result, I have gainedmanagement skills that can enable me to work on different research and development projects. Inthe service and solution department, I was able to gain knowledge on how to develop and ensure
SAMSUNG SWOT ANALYSIS4that the mobile device is personalized and integrated to the satisfaction of the user. As a result, Iam able to learn on how to develop internet services such as messaging, maps and music that willeventually enhance the customer’s experience. I also possess strong marketing and supply chainskills, about different categories of the markets. Having taken part in the corporate developmentdepartment, I have learned how to forecast the future trends of the market and come up withappropriate actions that will sustain the company into the market against the competitors. Withthe knowledge gained, I am more certain that I can bring a change in the Samsung Company asthe project manager. In addition to the formal skills gained, I am a good team player with goodcommunication skills and able to work under no supervision.WeaknessDespite the skills I have gained in in my academic and practical experiences, I have cometo the realization that I do have some weaknesses in areas that will require my extra effort toimprove and better my professionalism. During my internship at Nokia, the departmental head ofservice and solutions observed that I had a strong, compulsive urge to complete tasks veryquickly and as a result, the work tends to have poor quality as a result of my lack of patience.The same urge of finishing given task as quickly as possible always makes me have mental stressmostly when there are numerous tasks that I need to complete. In many cases, organizations tendto focus on experience while recruiting staff. However, my experience is still low, an aspect thatrequires me to volunteer in many technologically oriented organizations to gain more experience.OpportunityWith advancement in technology, there are many carrier opportunities for professionalslike me who focus on technological advancement in the current business market. Even though
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