Managing Successful Business - Assignment Sample

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Template for evidence collection to be attachedwith the report by the learner:Project Logbook for the chosenorganisation: Talent Plus Name of the learner: Name of the Supervisor: Project Title: Managing successful business Date: Update of weekly research/ tasks achieved(Account for a minimum of six weeks withdates)What have you completed?Did you fulfil Task requirements?Are you on track and within deadlinesset?Did you need to make any changes toyour project management plan?CommentsThis report relies on affect of digitaltechnique on business and itsoperations so that maximum returncould be achieve. Yes Yes, entire necessity get accomplishadequately. No, neither alterations are required inproject management plan. If anylegislation could take place then planget changed. Any risks and / or issues identified?Did you identify risks/issues with a lackof skills required for undertakingresearch tasks?Did you identify any additionalrisks/issues that have an impact on theproject management plan? Data collection process develop anissue because many people might notgather proper data. Additional issue and risk is relatedwith project budget. Problems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?How did you overcome them?Ethical issue as well as trust work as amajor impediment. To get overcome from this barrier Ihave to enforce user to provide ethicalinfo in an appropriate manner.

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