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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic - Doc

Added on - 13 Nov 2020

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Sarip, Hanera G.STEM-12 MARKOur lives have been affected in so many ways by this corona virus. The COVID-19 pandemic hasresulted in severe economic and social impacts around the world. People are getting frustrated withsocial distancing and quarantine measures, and the economic and social impacts of months of shutdown are starting to scare people more than the disease itself. They fear that hunger will kill them, notthe virus.Based on the video, it was stated that the pandemic will come to an end on the basis of how theglobal government will respond to it. They have three option; Race Through It, Delay and Vaccinate orCoordinate and Crush. I strongly oppose to the option Race Through it because I think that it is noteffective to just expose people from the virus without precautionary measures. It will take time for thevirus to no longer find a new host and by then, millions of people will die and the health care system willeventually collapse. I very much agree with the second option, the Delay and Vaccinate, as governmentsand communities around the world are doing their best to delay the spread of corona virus so thattesting facilities can have time to develop a vaccine. They use this crucial time through strategies thatmay involve wide-ranging tests to identify carriers, quarantine the infected and associated individuals,and physical distancing. With that, the Delay and Vaccinate is a slow, steady and proven option. It willtake time to produce a vaccine but even if the pandemic ends before the vaccine, corona virus canpossibly occur again at any time so vaccines will continue to protect people and for the betterment ofeveryone.I believed that over the next months, COVID vaccines will be available across the world and thepandemic will fizzles out. We will soon be a COVID-free community thanks to the global effort and mostimportantly to the Almighty. The next pandemic could be just around the corner, we'd be wise to keepour quarantine and social distancing skills sharp for the future.
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