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Paper on Saudization and Employment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Running Head: Saudization and employment in the kingdom of Saudi ArabiaRESEARCH PROPOSALSaudization and employment in the kingdom of SaudiArabia
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Saudization and employment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1IntroductionThe paper will help in understanding the Saudization and employment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its impact on the employees and the employment level of the Saudi Arabia. Saudization is considered as a national policy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to which the foreign workers are replaced with the Saudi nationals in its private sector. This policy influences the employment level in the country in greater extent. The policy also said that if an organization is failed to comply with the Saudization policy or regulations, it will not be awardedthe government contracts (Edgar, 2016). The main motive of the policy is to provide more and more employment facilities to the citizens of the Saudi nation. The research will try to find how Saudization influences the employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The thesis is an attemptto look at Saudization at the Saudi Arabia to measures different its influences on the employmentlevel. Literature ReviewSadi (2015) defines the Saudization as a process which reverses the different trends of the globalization by discriminating in favor of local Saudi citizens. The policy of the Saudization represents the positive bias towards the favouring organizations and employment of local citizens. Favouring organizations are those that employ local workers to those that fill jobs with host country workers. It is considered as a development strategy whose main motive is to replacenon-Saudi employees with Saudi employees. Kattan (2015)states that the Saudization policy in the public sector earns lots of success due to the low level of education, experiences and the qualifications required for recruits. During 2014, 93.4 % workers in the public sector were local citizens of the Saudi. Kiwan (2013) states that the private sector of the Gulf Cooperation Council
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Saudization and employment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2countries follows a vast social welfare system. The success and failure of the Saudization policy mainly depend on the private sector. It influences the profitability of the private organizations in large context because they will not able to hire talented employees who have great knowledge of the international culture and languages. TOM (2013) conclude that the provision of the employment plays an important role in the success of the Saudization. The private sector of the country plays a major part in the diversification of the Saudi Arabia economy. Most of the private sectors show disagreement towards the Saudization policy of the government (Al-Asfour,2014). The main reason behind their resistance may be that the highly interventionist nature of the Saudi Arabia has produced in a large number of local nationals having fewer work ethics, productivity and skills to work in an efficient manner.Research MethodologySecondary Research The research report has followed secondary research as well as the primary research. In this research report, the secondary research is utilized to measure the views of the different authors regarding the relationship between the patient and the pharmacist. It is conducted because it is free to use and not consume so much time. The below-mentioned tools are utilized to conduct thesecondary research:Scholarly Journals: These articles are the original research conducted by the different researchers. The main motive of the researcher behind the utilization of scholarly journalsis that they provide sufficient knowledge about the different case studies of the research topic (Ohgaki, 2013).
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