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Risk Assessment Report - Risk Management

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SCENARIO 1IntroductionRisk assessment is used to check the safety of the machines that will identify hazards, reducedamages when relocating machines to another location. When planning for risk assessment, it isbest to refer standards so that risk plan will give an accurate result. The process of riskassessment is to discover the hazards, hardness of hazards, the frequent occurrence of the hazardsand how to implement and reduce the hazards. Risk assessment is a key route that helps torelocate to a new location without any damage, as it helps to identify all harms that could occurduring moving. Some countries like Australia, UK and USA uses a predefined procedure thatclearly discovers the hazards before relocating.This risk assessment report for a metal fabrication factory located in western NSW, they wereplanning to relocate their business. Legislation and risk assessment have guidelines that help tomove to new location and helps to handle the business in located place.Objective To develop a risk management manual that helps to relocate the business successfully.Risk during moving and handling Moving and handling task are related to huge number risk. Thus, need a guideline to discoverand control risk while moving to another location. The legislation, policies, shifting procedure,assisting and training staffs, a layout about where to place the machines and furniture. Client features like size, time to implement, weight, willingness to shift and ability to understandto choose the method for transferring and repositioning the instruments.Handling the task that is connected with injuries to careersRepositioning the machinesTransferring fabric materialsRepositioning their furnitureStoring the materials into the new containerRedesigning the interiors so that fabric materials placed in a convenient mannerLegislation to followSome regulations have to be followed to ensure the safety in moving to another location.They are,Health and Safety at work ActManagement of health and safety at work regulationRegulation for manual handling operation
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Regulation for the provisioning and use of working equipmentRegulation for lifting operations and equipment for liftingHealth and safety at work actThis act is to make sure that the health and safety of the employees in the organization.Check the system is safe.Arrangements to make sure the safety in relocating machines and how to store and handle them.To protect employee’s standard instructions is given to supervising and training the workplace.Maintaining the new workplace in good condition.Each employee should take care his or her work so that the condition of the machine stayssecure. Management of health and safety at work regulationThis gives the guideline to employees how to manage when the risk occurs and provide safety tothe organization.Each person in the workplace is assigned with an experienced person so that understanding ofrisk can be measured to him.They have to fulfil their appointed work.Regulation for Manual Handling OperationThis is to ensure the safety measure in reducing handling risk.Assess the risk that could not avoidAvoid the possible handling task, as it may not be too riskyMonitor the riskProvide the instructions that reduce the riskRegulation for the provisioning and use of working equipmentCheck all the machines are working in good conditions.Regulation for lifting equipment’s and operationPUWER 98Uses the instruction to verify the machine lifting equipment and maintain the liftingoperations.Requirements for the LOLER is given here.
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