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Scenarioa) (TDNC) is an Internet start-up company that aims at“digitalising” the traditional paper-based list on which users are writingdown a list of tasks that they will need to carry out in the near future.The aim is to provide a web interface where the user can register byproviding his personal details (name, age, address and e-mail) andselect his username and password. The following rules apply:After logging on to the site, the user is able to create to-do notescontaining the text of the task (s)he wants to perform and adeadline.The system will attach a status to each note (new once created,open until five days before the deadline, deadline approachingup until three hours before the deadline, critical for the last threehours and overdue once the deadline has passed).The notes can be enhanced by the addition of “attachments”, i.e.other documents with content helpful to the user when carryingout the tasks specified in the note; examples of such documentscan be Word documents, images and so on.On top of the free user, the user can register for a “premium”account: the benefit of such an account is that a user can link to“shared” notes from other users. This way users can create aproject, each can create a note with their own tasks and sharethem together (a project can be created even if notes are notshared if the user wishes to group a number of their own notestogether).The users of a premium account will have to pay a fee to beable to use the additional features TDNC offers them;At the end of each month, a check is made to see whichpremium accounts will have their subscription ending by the endof the month so that users can be notified – TDNC is planning touse a commercial mass mailing system so that e-mails can betracked;At the end of the subscription period, if the user does not renewhis premium account, the account does not get deleted but isdegraded to a regular account. When logging in the user shouldbe warned that certain features have been disabled and that heshould renew his premium subscription if he still wants to usethem;In this case one can only edit her notes, but the status and textof the other note will be visible as well.Finally, in order to make the development of notes faster and easier for is offering a collection of already created text to be used3as part of a note; these ready-made sentences are divided into differentcategories (e.g. home, work, computing and so on) depending on the text.QuestionsYou are expected to develop a set of models on TDNC and answer the followingquestions.Question 1 – Use Case Diagram

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