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Scenario. “Bloemendhal City. Campus”. is. an. educa

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Scenario“Bloemendhal City Campus” is an education service provider delivering undergraduateand postgraduate programmers. The organization elevates successfully in the marketand needs to improve its operational processes for the customers’ end. In particular,they are in need of a computerized system to promote the level of convenience forstudents where they can access class schedules online, make course related inquiries,for e.g. assessment deadline extensions, make appointments with lecturers, etc andview results of assessments undertaken and so on.The Leader of City Campus, Mr. John Weasley, decided to hire an IT and businessconsulting company to help him address the problems with the information and thebusiness. The IT consulting company recommended the following IT-related changes.The info below are not to be created it is just a SCENARIO related to the TASK file1.Create a dynamic Web application to allow students to view relevant courserelated information (e.g. class schedules, assessment deadlines, etc).2.Allow students to make inquiries for course related details with the requestrouted to an account manager.3.Allow students to make appointments with lecturers with the request routed tothe respective lecturer.4.Add students to the student database, assigning them a user ID (usually theemail ID of the student) and a password for access to their accounts.5.Allow students to update their personal details in the account (e.g. contactnumber, password etc).6.Allow students to regain access to system when password is forgotten bysending a six digit code to their email.7.Students should be able to view their results online.8.The system shall provide, Miss. Jane Watkinson (the Student Liaison of CityCampus) with daily reports at 5pm. As a business consultant, you should alsoanalyse the reports that Miss. Jane Watkinson would need to generate.

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