(PDF) Customers' Responses to Employee Extra Attention

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Scenario AnalysisIssueLe Petit Fleur is a French Style bakery that specializes in making cakes, pastries, andsweets for various celebratory occasions. The bakery had put a 50% discount on theirproducts for one day. Lily Mae, who is in search of a good and decently priced cake for herwedding, is very disappointed in all the cake testing that she had gone, and could not finalizeany cake for her big day. On her way back home, she came across the discount poster on thewindow of Le Petit Fleur. She has always believed the bakery to be high priced which is whyit did not make it to her list while she was looking for the wedding cake. She thought of thediscount as a big opportunity by luck to get a gourmet cake made. Upon meeting the owner ofthe bakery, Lilly learns that the discount offer is over besides the discount poster beingdisplayed outside the shop. To accommodate the customer, the owner of the bakery offers hera small cake at the same price to which Lilly agreed. She discusses all the details of the orderwith the owner baker and even writes it down so that nothing goes missing. Besides, doing allthis the cake she receives for her wedding is different from the one she ordered. Onesurprisingly shocking thing was that the ingredients used to prepare the cake were not organiceither. From here we have three issues which are listed down below:1.First, besides the bakery ended the offer, the discount poster was still displayedon the window. This is a deceptive way to grab the attention of the customers. The postershould have been removed immediately after the offer ended.2.Lilly Mae ordered a Raspberry cake for her wedding while received achocolate one. And, this happened even after a detailed discussion about cake and submittingwritten details to the baker as well.3.Lily Mae wanted the baker to use organic raspberries, but upon receiving it shenotices that raspberries were from Little Red Farm which does not sell organic berries at all,but still the bakery misinformed the buyers about it as well.Rule of LawAccording to the universal business codes and ethics, it is really important for anysmall or big business to maintain a good work environment, be fair in its dealings, and beresponsible while guiding and informing people about companies' products and services.Compliance with the business or customer's deal is how a business can ensure honesty and1
quality. Le Petit Fleur, the french bakery, has directly breached their business contract. Theirpractices are against the ethical codes of business.Two contract breaches can be applied to this case (Demilio, 2020):Material BreachThis kind of breach is considered to be a severe type of breach. It occurs when thecompany did not provide according to the terms of the deal they agreed upon while the orderwas being placed or the deal made. Lilly ordered a raspberry cake with organic strawberrieswhile received the one with an inorganic one besides the company claiming them to beorganic.Actual BreachThe company did not deliver what they agreed upon, hence violated the terms o theircustomer deal. Lilly wanted a wedding cake that exactly suited her decoration of the venuehence guided the bakery accordingly. She asked for cake frosting that was swirls rather thandolloped. Also, the flavor discussed was to be raspberry. The cake she receive was chocolateflavor with frosting dolloped than swirls-completely the opposite of how she wanted it to belike.AnalysisCustomer satisfaction is as essential to business as it is to a human for breathing.Businesses operating for the fulfillment of the demands of the customers. Once they will losethe support of their customer, it will get tough for them to operate. In the case of Le PetitFleur, they have breached their customer deal. Lilly can go and file her complaint with thebakery. It will be more unfair if the bakery does not recognize the complaint because Lily isin right while the bakery is in wrong. The bakery needs to apologize and refund the paymentfor the delivery of the wrong order and presenting their services in a manipulative manner.The company should not have taken the order if they did not have the resources to providewhat the customer wants but when they have taken it, it becomes obligatory on them toprovide what is asked. According to the business law, both actual and material breach isapplied to it. The implications of the breach of contract are followed by legal action. Theparties can also handle the issue by themselves. But if they are not able to reach some sort ofagreement then the issue is dealt with in consumer courts under business or contract law. Thecompany took unfair advantage of Lily Mae by manipulating the information,2
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