Scenario. As part of a short-term role at an investment

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ScenarioAs part of a short-term role at an investment company your team manager has askedfor you to look at two companies (potential ideas are listed below) and report back onany potential for investment opportunities.As you want to impress your manager, you are keen to provide a financial statementanalysis with broad coverage looking at the strengths and adaptability of eachcompany. This will include an evaluation of internal and external factors on the futureprospects for these companies. You intend to cover the most recent three yearspublished accounts for each company and also to compare performance againsteach other and the sector(s) in general.Select two companies from the list shown below (or choose your owncompanies) to form the basis of your report. Obtain financial statements (fullAnnual Reports) for these companies for the last three years.Choose 2 companies from one sector orMarks and Spencer and SainsburysCoursework2Assessmentdescription:A written report analysing the comparative performance of twocompanies including the one examined in coursework one.This assessment builds on the data collected within coursework 1,with a written analysis of the financial data gathered.Detailed guidanceWrite a business report covering the financial statement analysis on the twocompanies you have been working on. You should undertake the same analysis onthe second company as you did for the first piece of coursework.Yourreportshouldinclude/considerthefollowing:Using a clear structure, discuss approaches to analysing and interpretingfinancial statements and a justification of your methodology.You must demonstrate a grasp of the relevant theories and apply this tocritically analyse the results of the company (Hint:you need to demonstratean understanding of the reasons why ratios and/or numbers have changed byreference to internal and external factors).Your report must include discussion of the performance of the company byreference to your analysis of the following groupings of ratios:
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