NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing - SCHIZOPHRENIA

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Running head: SCHIZOPHRENIA- A CASE STUDYSchizophrenia- a case studyName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1SCHIZOPHRENIA- A CASE STUDYMental health is a term, which deals with the psychological, emotional and socialwell- being of a person. It has an effect on the way we behave, react and feel in differentsituations (Corrigan et al, 2012). Mental illness, if not given attention for long can even affectvarious parts of the body. The issue of mental health is not given as much attention asphysical health, worldwide, this certainly is a major issue to be concerned about. Therecovery process in most of the mental illnesses takes a long time because most of the mentalillnesses have similar symptoms. They are poorly understood because of the complexity ofthe term and the need of the use of individualistic approach to it.This essay discusses the experience of the famous musician Jeremy Oxley (from theband-The Sunnyboys), aged fifty. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia at an early stage ofhis life. The essay will also emphasize on current recovery principles and the ways in whichhe can be given personal medical assistance. The discussion also gives an overview of thecurrent insight on the treatment of schizophrenia and evident based personalized care of theperson taken into consideration.The principles of recovery process of mental disorders deals with six key points; anindividual’s uniqueness, individual’s choice, attitudes and rights, respect and dignity,communication and partnership, evaluation of recover(, 2017). Individual’suniqueness: It means that recovery is not just about getting cured but also is about havingvarious opportunities for choosing and living a purposeful, healthy and satisfying life, uniqueto each individual. Individual’s choice: It empowers and supports individuals to make theirown decision for the choice of treatment. Rights and attitudes: it is about listening to theindividuals, learning about their various traits and acting on the communications theindividuals do with the health professional. Respect and dignity: It involves being respectful,honest and courteous to the patient. It also includes the duty of caregiver for their patient’s
2SCHIZOPHRENIA- A CASE STUDYspeedy recovery. Evaluation of recovery: It involves, tracking of the individual’s progress bythe individual and the caregiver to improve the quality of care giving. These principles shouldbe taken into consideration while evaluating any case of mental illness by the caregivers.Understanding the key points of recovery also requires the nurse to have an insight of theterm personal recovery and its meaning to the patient.The initiation of the mental illness of Jeremy Oxley was during the peak years of theband “The Sunnyboys”. The name and fame added to the responsibilities Jeremy already had.He was dealing with physical exhaustion and mental stress, due to continuous touring andrapid sessions of recording, in addition to concerns about his younger brother, Peter Oxley(also, second man of the band). Increasing levels of stress inclined Jeremy towards multipledrugs and alcohol. Jeremy started behaving abnormally, which affected the ratings of theband, as a consequence their band came to an end with the end of their career. Jeremy wasthen diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was kept under treatment but he refused to takemedications, this resulted in fights among the brothers, which parted them away.Schizophrenia is a mental illness, which includes unusual social behavior anddifficulty to discriminate between reality and non-existing things. Patients of schizophreniagenerally have several other mental issues like anxiety disorder and major depression inaddition to it (Fromer et al, 2014). The suffers who have additional disorders in inclusion ofschizophrenia, loose every hope in their life. Such patients also need to get treated for theother psychological problems that they are dealing with. Psychologist say that the scuidaltendency of such people is far more than the patients suffering from schizophrenia. Therecovery of such patients becomes much more difficult. Different people recover from mentaldisorders in different ways, healthcare professionals should be able to be at ease with thepatient and study their likes and dislikes (Sutton et al, 2012). Mental concerns can only beacted upon by interacting with the patient not only on professional terms but as a member of
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