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Schlepp-adoo Event ManagementThree graduates in BSc Event Management have started an event management company toset up walking and racing events and to provide all the logistical support needed. Thecompany’s services are packaged, and contracts are taken out by external clients such ascharities who want to raise funds. Among the activities the company looks after are:1.The graduates meets with the prospective client to determine their requirements andestablish an event brief. 2.Meeting to discuss ideas, determine a solution to meet the event brief and allocateone of the three graduates to take the event forward, manage the project andproduce the event proposal. As the business expands it is hoped to add a new role of‘Event Planner’ (EP) and employ further staff to fulfil this role.3.Presenting the event proposal, typically in the format of a presentation to the client’smanagement board and gaining project approval. Currently done by the graduateallocated above.4.Creating the event:1.Setting up named events, which can be repeated year on year. These willinclude scheduling, planning routes, advertising via a website, registrationand payment for participants. Liaising with local authorities.2.Allocating staff and deploying volunteers to help with specific events. This willinclude medical staff, with first aid qualifications. (An external organisation isused to supply the required number of trained and qualified staff asrequested).3.Sorting out logistics before the event. This will include: 1.assembling information packs2.asking participants health and safety questions, emergency contactdetails, and accommodating special requirements3.Arranging for accommodation (tents), washing facilities, evening mealand entertainment when an event spans more than one day4.Arranging for medals and hot meal at destination5.Setting up waymarks and marshals for the route (with vehicles ifnecessary)6.Agreeing with landowners on route and location of feeding stations7.Erecting feeding stations, which will provide food and drink, medicalattention, loos, transport if needed, water bowsers (for drinks and forparticipants to refill their water bottles)8.Waste disposal arrangementsii.Running the event on the day, including checking registration details andmoney raised by participants.b.Approaching external organisations to discuss possible advertising and sponsorshipopportunities during the event.c.Provide collateral merchandising (tee-shirts, caps etc) and the means to pay forthem.
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