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Running head: ESSAY FOR SCHOLARSHIPEssay for ScholarshipName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1ESSAY FOR SCHOLARSHIPEssay 1I have always known what I want to do in life. This has made be particular about mycareer goal and have helped me plan accordingly for meeting this goal. Right from childhoodscience has always been my passion and medicine in particular has drawn my interestparticularly. Dedicating my life where I can have little amount of contribution in improving thelives of others has always been appealing. My goal is therefore to study in Medical LaboratoryTechnology. Therefore, I planned to study at the Portland Community College for two years andthen transferred myself to the Oregon Institute of Technology. I came to know about thesecolleges through self-research work as well as recommendation. I therefore believe that theprogram will give me insight to the valuable skills that would help me in achieving my dream.Throughout high school and college, I have tried maintaining a rigorous curriculum andhave maintained a good average. I got myself involved in programs that were concerned with thediagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases with various laboratory test performed clinically.Through my participation in such programs I also got know that medical laboratory is a placewhere tests done on clinical specimens for obtaining information about the patients health strictlypertaining to the treatment, diagnosis and prevention. This made be quite comfortable andfamiliar with the clinical settings. In addition, I am also responsible, hardworking and focusedand very easy to get along.I plan to work on a medical technology laboratory that has a location in the United States.This will help me in better understanding the healthcare system of the country that would proveto be an additional benefit for the future. This would prove to be a one of the most valuableopportunity for me, as it will not only give a clinical exposure but also help me in gaining
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