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8School of Computing and InformationTechnology(5CI001)IS/IT ManagementIntroductionFor this report I was asked to produce a 3000 word essay covering several topics which include thefollowing:-1- The issues facing IS/IT Managers when managing IS/IT Projects.2-The issues facing IS/IT Managers when managing the IS/IT provision of the organisation.3-The way in which benefits management can ensure that the organisations IS/IT provision and the IS/IT projects carried out can achievethe anticipated benefits.
84-The emerging trends in IS/IT management.1-Issues facing IS/IT Managers when managing IS/IT ProjectsIS/IT managers have the daunting task of ensuring that all the projects that they head are carried outefficiently, that is to say in a timely manner without expending more than what is allocated for the project.Once the aim of the project is determined, managers devise and monitor all the objectives that ensurethat the resulting project will produce the desired benefits. These objectives are the subtasks thatcollectively make the overall purpose of the project possible. Defining these objectives is the initialdifficulty a manager must face. It is important to identify assumptions and risks associated with eachobjective. Some of these issues that they may face managing IS/IT projects are-:Lack of Communication
8Lack of communication can be one of most problematic issue facing IS/IT Mangers when managing IS/ITProjects because communication between project managers and stakeholders is very important, this isbecause communication is the key in understanding all the facts and information needed such astimeframes to complete the project successfully. Communication between these two will also help avoidinsufficient budgeting and assumptions when planning and budgeting.Inadequate Budget/ PlanningA manager has to be aware of the progress of the project throughout its duration. This begins with havinga plan devised as to what is going to be done and when. They use this plan to formulate a budget for theproject and determine the feasibility of the project. This means that the manager has to be in constantcommunication with all persons involved in the fulfilment of the project objectives. From thesecommunications the managers can gather how the team is working by comparing the progress to thatscheduled in the plan. In the event that the project has fallen behind, the manager has the task ofdetermining whether to extend the project deadlines and/or budgets. As an alternative to these actions,the managers often decide whether there are more effective ways to put the derailed project back onschedule.Resistant to ChangeA project often disrupts the accustomed process of the organisation and as a result stirs resistance tochange. This resistance becomes evident as persistent reduction delays and interruptions in workflows,resentments and staff refusal to work. The managers have to be aware of these mind-sets and moderatethem early on. This is best addressed by incorporating the employees’ perspectives into the projects sothat their participation directs the change. In order for the management to deal with the staff’s attitudethey need to highlight new principles for staff specialists and encourage them to think in different ways.Technology ChangeTechnology is constantly changing and which each evolution, items are created or modified to enhance auser’s ability to do a particular process. It is because of these improvements that businesses need to beaware of relevance advances such as competition. A project manager is tasked with ensuring that theirbusiness is economical about the technology it acquires. As technology is acquired and implementedwithin the business’ processes, the business itself changes and the project manager has to ensure thatworkflow is kept up efficiently.2-The issues facing IS/IT Managers when managing the IS/IT provision ofthe organisation.The management position ties in all aspects of the project. A manager has to understand the workings ofeach division of the project to successfully monitor them. Some of these issues that they may face whenmanaging IS/IT provisions of the organisation are-:Costs vs. BenefitsEven when there are major benefits to gaining new technology, a manager also has to consider the risksinvolved when implementing a new system. A new system could, in one instance, increase productivityby 60% but have a high initial cost, running expenditure, maintenance and a short time before it becomesoutdated. The manager has to be aware of all potential pros and cons of this technology.
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