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Computing, Science & Engineering : Assignment

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School of Computing, Science & EngineeringAssessment Briefing to sThe Handbook for your programme contains information about assessment, plagiarism, handing-in procedure,marking of late work, claiming mitigating circumstances and the week numbers.Assessment Title :Object oriented records systemModule Title :Introduction to Windows ProgrammingModule CRN Code :32742Level:4Semester:1Programme Code(s):CNW, WDIssue date1:05/11/2016Weighting :50% of the total module markSubmission date2:5/12/2016Assessor(s) :Lee GriffithsReturn date3:Immediately during demoLearning Outcomes of this whole module re-Assessment Knowledge and Understanding :On successful completion the will be able to:*create structured multimedia programs using Visual Studio and C#.NET;create multimedia elements, such as graphic images or captured/edited digital sound files and video clips;*write programmes that manipulate databases to store and manage multimedia elements.Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes :On completion the will have had the opportunity to:*program in Visual Studio using C#.NET;use computers to manipulate graphical images, edit sound clips, edit video, and author a multimedia program.* most important outcomes.The Assessment TaskYou have to do the following:1.Design an object oriented representation (classes) to model a music album that contains the following properties/fields per item object:a.ASIN Album ID number (10-character alphanumeric unique identifier e.g. “B00FYA6O5G”)b.Album name (a text string e.g. “The Fat Of The Land”)c.Release Date (a date object)d.Label (a text string e.g. “Virgin Records Ltd”)e.Tracks (list of song objects in the album)A song object needs to containa)Track name (a text string e.g. “Firestarter”)b)Track length (number representing the total track length in seconds)f.Link to a picture of the album cover (a text string representing a file path e.g. “c:\data\263712036.jpg”1Date on which brief was given to students2Date by which assessment is to be submitted3Date by which feedback will be made available to students. This must be within 20 working days of the submission date.
Computing, Science & Engineering : Assignment_1
2.Create a set of constructor methods which allow these properties to be passed when the new keyword is used to create a new album object (and associated track listing object) AND setter/getter properties which allow the properties/fields to be accessed.3.Create special public methods to return the following:a.type AlbumLength() which returns the total length of the album by summing all the track lengthsb.type AmazonLink() which returns a URL using the ASIN to create a link suitable for finding the album on Amazon™ in the form where ASIN is the first property in your album class.Class structure examples in c# can be found in your lecture notes and here: an application (Console or Windows Forms) that will allow a user to create and view album objects and their details. The application must construct a c# array or list or arraylist of album objects internally and use thisto represent a collection of albums. When the user is viewing album details they can move through the array or list viewing each album in detail including a track listing and cover picture and making use of the AlbumLength()and AmazonLink() methods created in 3. above.A basic array of objects example is shown in this MSDN reference: must submit by the due date:1.A zipped copy of your completed application project folder, along with all of its source files.IMPORTANT: Name your zipped project folder like this: e.g. 01265346_Joe_Student-ASS-1.zipSummary of marking criteriamarksObject oriented album/track class design30Application to create, and display album and track details including demonstration20Total 50 marksThe functionality will be assessed via a one-to-one demonstration of your project and a discussion of the code.Any work that you hand in must have been entirely created by yourself. Don’t copy complete sections of code from anyone else (including the internet). Don’t allow anyone else to copy your work.
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