Science as a Human Endeavor Assignment

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Word Count:1039Science as a Human Endeavour TaskIndustry on the Burrup Peninsula(Part B)How has discovery of historical artefacts on an existing industry chemical areainfluenced how chemical industries must be mindful of their processes to the localsurroundings?IntroductionPeninsula is a land that is surrounded by some water, and there are many chemicalindustries which are placed in the area. It is a unique ecological area as it has thecollection of petroglyphs and standing stones (Pollution destroying heritage-listed art,2017). The chemical industries convert raw materials like oil, water, air & metals intovarious products. Cultural identity is an important aspect of a community. Therefore,it is important to keep the site of any discovered artefacts to retain the knowledge.Additionally, chemical industries present environmental concerns such as wastedisposal and harmful emissions, so it is important for these industries to be mindfuland have policies and rules in place to manage and maintain the surroundingenvironment.Significance of engravings and the peninsula, history, cultureBurrup Peninsula is the oldest art sites in the world, and it is situated near the north-east of Western Australia. Some yaburarra or inhabitants of the area and they left arich heritage culture for the Burrup as this has the prehistoric rock art (Debate overindustry impact on WA rock art, 2017). The culture which is adopted by peninsula isrepresented by their aboriginal community. The art which is incorporated by thepeople is represented in the form of a human face.Engraving is a practice which are performed to print a design on the hard or flatsurface. It is a historical method that is used to produce some images formapmaking, print making and commercial reproductions (Where art meets industry:protecting the spectacular rock art of the Burrup Peninsula, 2017).
Australian Geographic. 2017.Current Industries based at the peninsulaThere are two chemical firms situated at the peninsula, being Yara Pilbara, PlutoLNG Park which produces the chemical by using the raw material.There are someharmful gases which is produced by current chemical industries like carbonmonoxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, phosgene. These can affect the health of anindividual.The acid emission can highly affect the rocks at Burrup Peninsula as due to this thetexture and crystal gets changed and it gets turned into metaphoric rocks just likemarble. So, arts cannot be made effective by the artists.Chemical concepts, background informationandchemistry involved in theseplants
Two chemical industries Yara International and Australias Orica Ltd whichperformed a joint venture and they produced an ammonium nitrate. The plant uses atechnique where they convert natural gas into ammonia, and after that, it getsconverted into ammonium nitrate. This is the main component which are used in theiron ore mining industry (Water Corporation of WA, 2017). This added some valueinto the natural resources and iron industry will also be able to get their vitalcomponent.Some new technologies like computational molecular science and process modellinghas been developed by the industry on Burrup Peninsula.For this, some newmodels and theories developed which will help the chemical industry to makeammonium nitrate in an effective way (Chemical plant to make explosives opens onWA's Burrup Peninsula,2017). The plan which is producing chemical is designed asper the new standards more ammonium nitrate will be produced at low prices.Thechemicalprocessfor producingammoniumnitrate isoutlinedbelow.
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