Screening vs Surveillance (Doc)

Added on - Nov 2020

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Screening vs surveillanceOn other hand it has been found that there is little evidence for the actual figures that hasbeen revealed in the report or program. Health child development program is based onprevious programme.In the recent program medical professionals have considered previous event and havefound some issues such as monitoring, quality in these programs. By considering thesefacts new programs have been designed. There are little evidences present that why suchtherapy or strategies are suitable in development of kids.It has identified that this report was based on estimation. Local evaluation highlightedthat there are <20% people those who are at CVD risk but actual the figure is >20%.Thus, it is essential to monitor each data closely and there should be proper surveillanceby taking support of population wide approach. This can help in gaining positive andfactual results.Many times the situation arises where term surveillance is being misinterpreted byparents. Because they see such term in the manner that professionals are checking theirability to deal with their own kids. Surveillance of chid development supports health careprofessional in understanding the early development among children. This is consideredas strong evidence because early intervention is the beneficial tool to gaining positivedevelopment outcome in children. NHS HC program was conducted by the concernauthorities.On other hand sex education forum has released report in 2016 in which they haveinvolved 2000 young people in the investigation. They have examined their knowledgeclosely and it was found that most of the people have no knowledge about sex educationand relationship education. This survey was completely based on surveillance and therewere close evidences for the same.Current health promotion strategiesOrganizing health promotion campaign in schools so that students can improve theirknowledge and can take care of their wellbeing.Educational intervention is effective promotional strategy that can help in improvingcondition of kids
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