Testing Phase in SDLC for Medical Software: Methods and Test Cases


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The testing phase is important for any organization; the testing team of Zenith Healthcare
can test the productfor quality and reliability of the devices. On the basis of the scenario
provided, the phases of planning and requirement analysis, designing project architecture,
development and programming have been completed. Now the testing phase is to be carried out,
various methods can be utilized fortesting. The methods are as follows
Security testing: security testing is an important part of testing which must be
carried out by the organization, it is important to check if the software that has
been designed is free from security threats and it does not leak any confidential
data regarding the details of patientsor the medications that are provided to the
Performance testing: the software must be tested in order to check if it performs
well, the software that had been developed is responsible for saving data
regarding different professionals and patients under them, it also records the
medication that is provided to every patient, hence performance of the software
must be tested (Wiklund, Kendler and Strochlic 2015). A small technical mistake
in the software might result in error occurred in the performance and it might
affect the data saved in it.
What needs to be done during testing
While testing medical software, the organization must consider the test cases, the cases
are as follows
Test case
Test data Expected
Actual result Pass/
1 Code review
must be carried
Code review is very
important that must be
the issues in
some issues
Testing Phase in SDLC for Medical Software: Methods and Test Cases_2

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