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Effectiveness of Teamwork Assignment

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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SecondaryLiteraturereviewTeam WorkName: Huda AlAmimiID: EAU0415207Email:Huda.alamimi@emirates.comLecturer: CatherineKennedyHD Business ResearchProject
Research Area (Team work)Team work is method of working effectively with a group of people in orderto achieve a goal and most of big companies do support and encourage theiremployees to work in teams which are vital to achieve the best results in ashort time. The potential users of team work are employees of any companyor any individuals who have common goals. There are some strengths andweakness of team work and by identifying it you can get the best of teamwork.Research question:Examine effectiveness teams with different department both internallywithin EK group and externally?Justification for useWorking for five years in International, Government and EnvironmentAffairs I have realized the importance of team work and how important andcrucial it is in the company whereas behind all the professional work in thecompany is a great dedicated team, therefore I decided to write about theeffectiveness and importance of team work.Internal Secondary SourcesInterviewThe interview questions will help in collecting qualitative information andunderstand how effective the team work is and it will help in understandinghow they work effectively in teams internally and externally. The interviewwill be with two senior managers from International, Government andEnvironmental Affairs and the questions will be holistic.The main reason to choose this source to get an insight of the effectivenessof teamwork in International, Government and Environmental Affairs andwhat are the benefits of teamwork and how the they work in a team withother organizations in Dubai to represent the country overseas.The interview will help in answering the research question andobjectives which is about the effectiveness of teamwork.Relevant: the interviewers are relevant as they work in International,Government and Environmental AffairsSECONDARY LITERATURE REVIEW1
Recent: the interview will take place during the research projectperiod, therefore it is recentWritten by: The interview questions will be written by the researcherAppropriateness: the interview answers will reflect the interviewee’spoint of view and it could be biasIt will be specifically based on International, Government andEnvironment Affairs teamwork experience.External Secondary SourcesAcademic book, Newspaper, website and journal.NewspaperNewspaper: ToughNickel.com15 Advantages of Teamwork in the WorkplaceBy Paul GoodmanPublished date: 04-10-2016SummaryThe group work cannot be underestimated as team work can maximize theeffectiveness of an organization and improve every aspect of itsperformance no matter how big or small the company is as it could raise thelevel of morale, expertise, efficiency, the quality of customer service,initiative, learning, planning, and creativity as well as produce moremotivated and effective members, create a sense of ownership, better endresults and profits. There are 15 advantages of team work which are asbelow.1.Good teamwork maximizes involvement, utilizing everybody’sstrengths and areas of expertise, distribute responsibility to all.2.It maximize the level of knowledge and learning as team membersshare information.3.A good team can came up with wide range of possible solutions toeach specific problem and determine the most effective one from therange through collective and interaction.SECONDARY LITERATURE REVIEW2
4.Teamwork have shared goals and they encourage and aid othermembers to achieve the shared goals.5.A team often produces more accurate, innovative and practicalsolutions to problems than individuals (think in terms of “collectivewisdom”, or “the wisdom of crowds”).6.In general teamwork produces better end results, as well as bringingout better quality performances from individual members of the team.7.It encourages a wider sense of ownership and makes team membersmore responsible and enthusiastic.8.Workers are more emotionally positive and willing to shareknowledge, learning due to personal security of being part of aneffective team.9.Individuals are more likely to take risks when they experience thesecurity of being part of an effective team.10.Organization’s decision-making process can be much betterunderstood by its members when teamwork is utilized.11.A group can sometimes deal with complicated problems moreeffectively than individuals.12.Teams can complete tasks and solve problems quicker thanindividuals and producing multiple ideas in a short period of time.13.New ideas and measures can be more effectively introducedthrough effective teamwork.14.Innovation and creativity can be improved through teaminvolvement15.Teamwork raises motivation and morals and it is fun for peopleinvolved.Justify why you have chosen this source:This source is interesting source which has lots of quotes andinteresting information about the advantages of team work.How does it help you answer your research question / objectives– relate specifically to the objective?SECONDARY LITERATURE REVIEW3
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