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Secondary Sources For Data Analysis Assignment

Added on - 17 Oct 2019

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Secondary Sources For Data AnalysisINTRODUCTIONIn a today modern world where huge amounts of data are being archived and collected byresearchers and companies all over the world. Utilizing of existing data nowadays for researchpurpose become more prevalent. Secondary data analysis is analysis of data which is collected bysomeonelse or other person for another primary purpose. It has been collected by agencies orindividuals for purposes other than those of particular research studies. There is no any marketingresearch syudy which is undertaken without a prior search of seconadary sources. In this analysisresearchers and agencies aska questions which are answered through the analysis of different dataset that they were not involve in storing and collecting. The data collected was not for the answer ofreaserchers specific questions instead they are collected and stored for another purpose. So we cansay that the same data set which are collected is work for one as primary data set and work differentone as a secondary data set. Secondary data set is also very helpful in designing primary reasearchand give a baseline with which we can compare our primary data collections results. So it is verywiseful to begin any research acytivities with the review of secondary data. Secondary data reviewand analysis mainly involves analyzing and collecting a vast array of informations and data. It is aviable method to utilize in the process of inquiry when a systemetic process is followed. In manyfields and area secondary data analysis remain as under used research technique. It providesempirical excercise which applies the same basic research principles as studies usin primary dataand has various steps are there to be followed just as any research method. The main key tosecondary data analysis is apply conceptual skills and theoretical knowledge to use existing data toget the answer of the reasearch questions.Sources For Secondary Data AnalysisSecondary sources of data and information mainly divided in to two parts:external and internalsources. Existing data is going to be public and private . To increase the result of data collectionsefforts agencies and researchers has access many more variables which are strictly needed to answertheir original hypotheses. Many of the times the collected data are not fully explored or used by theoriginal research team due to limitation in time, interest or resources. If different research teamwant to share their data with other researchers who have the resourcess, skills and interest to carryout additional analysis which can hugely increase the productivity of the research team whichconducted the original study. This type of information exchanges mainly involves an agreementbetween data analysis team anad data collection team to clear out the details about the data sharingprotocols and how the data shold be used. There are two main method to analyse the existing datafirst isdata driven methodand second one isresearch question driven method. In the researchquestion driven method the reasearchers have a question in mind and then go for suitable datasets tosolve the question whweras in data driven method researchers go through the variables in particulardatasets and make decision what kind of questions can be solved by the available data.
Internal Sources Of Secondary Data :Data Collection Through Sales :Many of the big companies collects informations and data in their course of day to day operations.So many orders delivers and recieved, here they recoed so many data related to goods and so on.The information and data collected during this process can be use in marketing research. This typeof data mainly useful for finding companies or organisation most profitable products and customer.Data Collection Through Transport :Most of the organisations and companies store the informations and records of their transportoperations to find out most profitable, routes patterns and loads. Information and data about thetransport operations makes the companies to perform their trade off analysis and evaluate theeconimic sense of using transport and maintain a balance of financial outcome of the transportsystem.Data Collection Through Finance :Comapanies and organisations consists so many files related on the cost ofmarketing,transporting,storing and producing of its every single products and its product range. Itcan be mainly used in marketing research including checking the efficiency of operations of themarket.External Sources Of Secondary Data :In today world the main source of external secondary data are government, commercial services,official statistics, technical reports, scholarly journals, trade journals, review articles, referencebooks and international or national institutions.Government statistics provides data and information through their population cesues,socialsurveys,agricultural statistics,production statistics and by import/export statistics.Commercial services mainly provides market research report and so many other publications mainlyrelated to consumer information,media statistics. It is collected from large scale consumer andpanels of the farmer or people. So many big organisations funding the collection of data to get theiranalysis work done.Bank economic reviews, journals,articles , university research reports and reference books are alluseful data gathering sources. These things provides secondary source material . It helps indiscussing practical information which is related to various fields. Journals and articles mianlycontain the report of original research or experimentation in specific field. These articles andjournals lists and discuss all the relavants publications from where the data and information isderived. Official statistics collected by government and their various agencies,departments can bevery useful to researchers because they are easily obtainable and genuine source of informationwhich mainly covers the long periods of time. Technical reports mainly written to provides researchresults to governments and other research interested people.
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