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The Impact of BREKIT on Events and Entertainment Management

Added on - 06 Jun 2020

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SECTION 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 2: Structuring your writingDuring your lecture and tutorial you will learn how to group ideas and develop paragraphs to givestructure to your academic writing. You can use the outline below as a model, although others will bediscussed in your lectures and tutorials.Title:THE IMPACT OF BREKIT ON Events and Entertainment Management1.0An introduction (150 words)[use evidence/ research throughout]What is your question about? (give the background to your topic)Include some detail on the topic (narrow your focus; what exactly are you focusing on?) Who are thekey ideas/ people involved/ organisations etc.?)What will your report show? Be specific [you should write this section last]2.0Discussion point 1:Recruitment in the events industry(300 words)[Use evidence/ researchthroughout]:Identify one point from your area of focus and say why it is a key issue.Describe how leaving the EU will impact on thisWhat are the opportunities it could create?What are the possible problems?What can you conclude from this? What are the implications?3.0Discussion point 2:Attendance at events(300 words)[Use evidence/ research throughout]:Identify another point from your area of focus and say why it is a key issue.Describe how leaving the EU will impact on thisWhat are the opportunities it could create?What are the possible problems?What can you conclude from this? What are the implications?4.0Conclusion (150 words)[refer back to key evidence/ research]Give a summary of your key points from 2 & 3Include a summary of your key conclusions from both 2 & 3What would you recommend needs to happen now?TOTAL WORDS 900
Recommended readingEvents and Entertainment ManagementBrexit reaction: Event planners outline pros and cons of leave vote available at: venues (2016) ‘Will Brexit affect the B2B events industry? available at:, M (2016) What does Brexit mean to the Events Industry? available at:‘Brexit & Marketing Budgets: What Does It All Mean’? (2016), available at:, S. Ottaviano, G., Sampson, T. & Van Reenen, J. (2016) The consequences of Brexit for UK trade andliving standards, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics & Political Science, availableat:‘Marketers gloomy following Brexit vote as ad spend forecast slumps’, available at: and TourismABTA and Deloitte Report (2016) ‘What Brexit might mean for UK travel’available at: Guardian ‘What does Brexit mean for travel?’ available at:, D. (2016) Skift –‘What the Brexit Vote Means for the Global Tourism Industry’available at: 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 2: Structuring your writingWrite a detailed plan here for your report or essay – showing what information you are planning toput in each section. Remember as you do more research this plan might change so keep it up to dateto help you to write a well-structured report or essay. You can find the subject specific topics in theassessment section of the GSM Learn academic skills page.In present report, analysis of Brexit is done to understand its impact on the entertainment and eventsmanagement in the UK.From the effective research, it is mainly considered as an important issue forcompanies in events management as it creates possibility of shortage of labour, introduction on the
movement of goods and people and the impact a plummeting pound will have on the budget. Further, thereare several opportunities have also been discussed which are provided by Brexit in the future. Various factorshave been analysed that affects the recruitment of people in event industry, it has been considered thatorganization needs to develop effective through they which reduce the impact of problems.SECTION 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 3: Presenting and analysing dataPresenting dataCut and paste the graph you discussed in the tutorial here. You can find it on the Week 3 AcademicSkills page on GSM Learn. Remember to write a fullHarvard or OSCOLA referencefor it.TASK 3 TO WRITE ABOUT THIS GRAPH :Marketing, Tourism and EventsBritish Council (2016) ‘As Others See Us’.Available at: 22 February 2017)
PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 3: Written analysis of DataAnalysing dataBased on the graph looked at in the tutorial, first discuss, and then plan how to write an analyticalparagraph about your graph. You might want to include the following information:1.A description your data (What is it? Where does it come from? What area is it focussing on?):2.A summary on what the data shows in general3.One or two areas of the data looked at in detail and an explanation of why you think they aresignificant4.The important trends and differences/comparisons in the areas you have chosen5.Possible explanations for what the data is showing (remember to reference wider research toback your ideas up)6.A recommendation for further action that could arise from this data.Individually write your data analysis as aparagraph(approx. 300 words). Remember to refer to thegraph/chart using correctOSCOLAorHarvard style in-text citation.3. talk about EU AND GLOBAL WHAT IS SHOWS YOU IN THE GRAPHFrom this graph, it has been recognised that 14% people have voted that thereis very positive impact of Brexit in global context, 18 % from the overall peoplehave stated that there is fairly positive impact has been provided by the brexit.36% percent of people have stated that its will not make any difference insituation,11 % does not have any opinion, mainly 15% fairly negative impact ofBrexit and 6% people have stated that there very negative impact has beenprovided by Brexit at global level.In context of European union it has provided a clear understanding about the 7% people think that it will very positive, 18 % people voted for fairly positive,major part that is 4o% of people think that it will not make any difference. 24%
People have stated that Brexit will provide fairly negative impact and 12 % havestated that it provided major impact on EU. From the overall graph it can identifymost of the people have that it will not make any difference in situation.
PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 4: Evaluating sources & critically engaging with textsIn your study groups, evaluate 3 different text from your reading list, or ones you have found. During class yourlecturer will give you questions to guide you through this process. You can find these texts on the Week 4Academic Skills GSM Learn page.Resource type:(book, journal,video)& citation/referenceText AText BText CAuthorityYOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUTTHIS WEBSITEHobbs, T. (2016) ‘Brexit set tobe a rollercoaster formarketing budgets’,Marketing Week.Available at: 28thJune 2016)YOU NEED TO WRITEABOUT THIS WEBSITEBirkdale, J. (2016) ‘Post-Brexit Marketing:Budgets, Trends andActions for 2017’,Catalyst.Available at: 28th June2017)YOU NEED TO WRITEABOUT THIS WEBSITETan, E. (2017) ‘Q – IsBrexit Damaging the UKAdvertising Market?’Campaign,3 February2017. Available at: 29thJune 2017)CurrencyI was published in 2017I was published in 2016I was published in 2016ContentYes, content is relevant to thetopicFew, content is relevantto the topicYes, content is relevant tothe topicAccuracyAuthor is not well Known inthis fieldYes, author is well in thisfieldYes, author is well in thisfieldAudiencepeoplePolitical parties andpublicPolitical parties andpublic
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