Assignment 4 - Resistance Programme Rubric


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RubricPHED 1111 (Physical Education 1)Assignment 2 – 1 Week Resistance Programme15%Section: 110ID: 200600075Date/Time: May 7, 2015Name: Majed Almulei Assignment 4 – Resistance Programme Rubric (15%)Assessment CriteriaScoredMarksPossible MarksStated and explained 4 benefits of resistance training; approximately 16 sentences.2.0At least 3 sessions planned for 1 week. Sessions have a good structure: warm-up, main part and cool-down.3.0Stretches in respective sessions match resistance exercises in the main part.3.0There are two different areas of the body trained in each session and exercises are correctly planned to train chosen muscles.3.0Stated and explained two key features of the programme2.0Punctuation and spelling and capitalization are correct, wordsare well chosen, writer uses own words, use of headings, topic sentences, third person, full sentences, follows guidelines, the first page of the work is the rubric with all required data, the work is stapled;2.0Total15.0
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PHED 1111(Physical Education 1)Section:Assignment 1 - 1 Week Resistance ProgrammeStudent Name: Majed AlmulehiStudent ID: 200600075Student Major: Finance _____________________________________________________________________Lecturer: Mr. Adam Wroblewski2
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IntroductionGood muscle fitness helps prevent chronic lifestyle diseases and early deathLate physical movement proposals have set impressive accentuation on muscle wellness works out. Both the ACSM/ AHA and DHHS rules demonstrate that muscle wellness activities help in unending infection aversion.Good muscle fitness is associated with reduced risk for injuryIndividuals with great muscle wellness are more averse to endure joint wounds than those with poor muscle wellness. Frail muscles are more like to be automatically overstretched than solid muscles.Core strength is an important health parameter.Center quality alludes to quality of the stomach, paraspinal (back), and gluteal muscles. Center quality contributes most straightforwardly to wellbeing by enhancing stance and diminishing danger of back torment and wounds.Resistance exercise is associated with reduced risk for osteoporosis.Resistance activity gives positive weight on the bones. Together with great eating routine, including satisfactory calcium allow, this weight on the bones diminishes the danger for osteoporosis. Confirmation recommends that youngsters who do resistance activities build up a high bone thickness. When they develop more established they have this calcium financial balance and their bones will stay stronger for a more drawn out time.3
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