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System Requirements and Business Need Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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Section/TopicChapter - 1REQUIREMENTANALYSIS1 | Page
1.1Analysis StudyThe purpose of system requirements analysis is to obtain a thorough and detailedunderstanding of the business need as defined in project origination and to break it down intodiscrete requirements, which are then clearly defined, reviewed and agreed upon with theusers’ decision makers.During System Requirements Analysis, the framework for the application is developed,providing the foundation for all future design and development efforts.Analysis ObjectivesIdentify user needs.Evaluate system for feasibility.Perform economic and technical analysis.Allocate functions to system elements.Establish schedules and constraints.Create system definitions.NeedSystem Requirements Analysis can be a challenging phase, because all of themajor users and their interests are brought into the process of determining requirements.Since the requirements form the basis for all future work on the project, fromdesign and development to testing and documentation, it is of the utmost importancethat the project Team creates a complete and accurate representation of all requirementsthat the system must accommodate.Accurately identified requirements result from effective communication andcollaboration among all members of the Project Team, and provide the best chance ofcreating a system that fully satisfies the needs of customers.2 | Page
The primary goal of this phase is to create a detailed functional specificationdefining the full set of system capabilities to be implemented, along with accompanyingdata and process models illustrating the information to be managed and the processes tobe supported by the new system.1.2User Requirements1.2.1Types of requirements:Functional Requirements: Input/outputProcessingError handlingNon-functional requirements:Physical environment (equipment locations, multiple sites, etc.).Interfaces (data medium etc.).User and human factors (who are the users, their skill level etc.).Performance (how well is system functioning).Documentation.Data (qualitative stuff).Resources (finding, physical space).Security (backup, firewall).3 | Page
1.2.2 Requirement ValidationCorrectConsistentCompleteoExternally – all desired properties are present.oInternally – no undefined references.Each requirement describes something actually needed by the customer.Requirements are verifiable.Requirements are traceable.1.3BrainstormingThe technique that is used for gathering requirements of the Employee Recruitment System isbrainstorming. Brainstorming is a group technique that is used during the requirementelicitation to understand the requirements. The group discussions may lead to new ideasquickly and help to promote creative thinking.It is intended to generate lot of ideas, with full understanding. The theory is that having along list of requirements from which to choose is far superior to start with a blank slate.Requirements in the long list can be categorized, prioritized and pruned.Brainstorming has become very popular and is being used by most of the companies. Itpromotes creative thinking, generates new ideas and provides platform to share views,apprehensions, expectations and difficulties of implementation. All participants areencouraged to say whatever ideas come to their mind, whether they seem relevant or not. Noone will be criticized for any ideas, no matter how goofy it seems, as the responsibility of theparticipants is to generate views and not to vet them. This group technique may be carried out with specialized groups like actual user, middlelevel managers and stake holders. At times, only superficial requirements may be gathered totechnical questions. In order to handle such situations, a highly trained facilitator may be4 | Page
required. The facilitator may handle group bias and group conflicts carefully. The facilitatorshould also be cautious about individual egos, dominance and will be responsible for smoothconduct of brainstorming sessions. He or she will encourage the participants, ensures properindividual and group behavior and help to capture the ideas. The facilitator will follow apublished agenda and restart the creative process if it falters.Every idea will be documented such a way that everyone can see it. White boards, overheadtransparencies or a computer projection system can be used to make it visible to everyparticipant. After the session, a detailed report will be prepared and facilitator will review thereport. Every idea will be written in simple English so that it conveys same meaning to everystake holder. Incomplete ideas may be listed separately and should be discussed at length tomake them complete ideas, if possible. Finally, a document will be prepared which will havea list of requirements and their priority, if possible.1.4Final Requirements(i)User interfacesThe application will have a user friendly and menu based interface.Registration page for new user.Login page.Admin page, where admin approves / reject the company registration.There is a screen for displaying various information of employee.There is a screen for entering information of new employee.(ii)Hardware interfacesSupport for printer for printing employee details.Screen resolution of at least 800X600 is required for proper and completeviewing of screens. Higher resolution will be accepted.(iii)Software interfacesAny windows based operating system.Mysql as the DBMS for database.IDE (STS) for developing code.5 | Page
(iv)Memory ConstraintsAt least 512 MB RAM and 2 GB space on hard disk will be required forrunning the application.(v)Site Adaptation RequirementsWeb browser with cookies enabled.Product FunctionsThe website will allow access only to authorized users with specific roles (Administrator-maintains the website & controls the company registration, HR – add/ modify/ viewemployee details).A summary of the major functions that the website will perform:Provide facility to company HR to register.HR can enter details of each employee in the organization and view the detailsof other employees in different organization.Admin can login & accept/reject company registration.User CharacteristicsEducational level: Users should be comfortable with the English language.Experience: No experience is required because of user friendly interface.Skills: Users should have basic knowledge and should be comfortable using generalpurpose applications on computers.6 | Page
Chapter - 2DESIGN OF THESYSTEM7 | Page
2.1System SpecificationThe resources involved for development of the application plays a major role on successfullydeveloping application according to users’ needs. The resources would vary from human,hardware, software and environmental resources.The resources involved in development of ERS are:2.1.1 Hardware Resources:Color MonitorIntel i5 processorKeyboardMouse20 GB Hard Disk8 GB RAM2.1.2Software Resources:Operating System: Windows 7Tools: STS , Tomcat 8.12.2Minimum RequirementsThe minimum requirement is the basic requirement of the resources required for running theapplication successfully without any problem or conflict.The minimum requirements are: Operating SystemWindows XP or above.Internet ConnectionMinimum 512 Kbps speed.DeviceAny mobile device or PC.BrowserJava Enabled Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.8 | Page

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