Security and risks management Assignment

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2.IntroductionInformation systems are prone to attacks by malware that are normally sent by hackerswith aim of gaining access to the system. In this regard, Leasing Information System Companyhas not been an exception and its operations have been hold at back by malware attackers. Theorganization offers data analysis and technological advisory services to its customers. Sinceorganization supports many clients, it is important to focus on its system security parameters inorder to protect its operational data confidentiality. To make sure data security is met, all the fourdata attributes (ACID) must be achieved at all cost (Spears & Barki, 2010). As leasinginformation System Company offers its services to customers, it should be aware ofvulnerabilities that can affects its operations. The main goal of the paper is to analyze securityrisks that affect information system operations. The objectives to be met are; making informationsystem available throughout as required by the customers and providing privacy of the datastored by the company. Similarly, it will focus on achieving efficient and reliable authenticationand authorization to any organizational data. Finally, to facilitate effective data securityimplementation as the company would be required to run security checkups to identify anyvulnerability.3.Common malware and threads that affect information systemSome of the malware that have had effect on operations of the leasing information systemcompany are; worms which replicates when they are reactivated by the presence of desirableconditions. The main files targeted by worms is operating system. It destroys files until the entiredisk is empty and the computer is not able to operate any more. The worst part of the attack fromworm affected organizational servers when an infected drive was connected to the systemthrough a dedicated terminal. After gaining access to the system, it spread through local area
network until it had access to the server which had weak ant-malware (Takabi, Joshi & Ahn,2010). Important to note is that, there are some worms which can be termed to be friendly sincethey traverse through the documents without harming them. Such worms are commonly knownto cause traffic on the system which in turn affect some processes such as data querying.Similarly, leasing system have been fighting attacker from Trojan horses which mainly looks likegenuine applications which can be installed on PCs. Due to employees online activities anddownload of some programs, Trojan horse infection has been a problem to the organization.Though they have no impact on their own, they can allow other malicious software and attackersin to the system (Peltier, 2010). Trojan are quite dangerous because some of them try to stealconfidential information from the systems.4.Networking devicesIn the organization, network is one of the most vulnerable tool used by hackers to accessorganizational data. Network is supported by variety of devices such as; router which is used toforward data packets from one network segment to another. Router can be set to operate likeintelligence hub by keeping record of both sending and receiving machine. It is mainly prone todestruction when exposed to higher electricity voltage as well as temperatures. Next, routers arevulnerable to errors when higher rate of data packet collision takes place or when there is wrongcabling to router (Sequeira, 2013). Similarly, routers are usually abused when required securityparameters are not configured once set to provide networking services. The setting need tofollow very advanced security recommendations in order to protect them from beingcompromised by hackers. The next device applicable in networking is firewall which is used toscreen all incoming and outgoing signals. Firewall is vulnerable to destruction when exposed tohigh power voltage than recommended or humid weather conditions. Next, with poor
configuration, it can be prone to errors such that it cannot differentiate either incoming oroutgoing signals. When poorly configured, it is still prone to abuse by either employees orexternal entities (Tang & Musa, 2011). Finally, firewall can face quality problems ifrecommended instructions are not followed as required when it being configured for use.5.Reliability and availability of web servicesThe leasing information system company can use the following ways to make sure itsservices are reliable and available to its customers. First, data replication in a distributed systemis very essential way of making sure system is reliable. When system is available for use whenneeded, system reliability is automatically met (Ciccarelli, 2013). Secondly, preventingorganizational system attacker through unauthorized users from either within or outside theorganization eliminates Denial of Services (DoS). Without DoS, system would be alwaysavailable for use by the target customers whenever they need it. DoS can be used to preventsystem access or make it very slow by imposing undesirable traffic such that its important usersare unable to execute routine duties. Consequently, web services can be made reliable by makingsure in case of upgrade or updates that might render system working inefficient, its users beingcustomers or internal users are aware in order to schedule their web access services(Siponen &Vance, 2010). Finally, organization can make its web services readily available by making suresystem is easy and simple to use. This makes it understandable to users such that no errors duringoperations that might compromise the system.6.Email confidentiality and integrityThese two factors are key when it comes to any online data services. Confidentialityworks to make email communication personal rather than public. Any organizational email
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