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Security Issues in Cloud Computing- Document

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Added on  2020-02-24

Security Issues in Cloud Computing- Document

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYAnnotated BibliographyNetwork and information security technologiesName of the Student:Name of the University:
Security Issues in Cloud Computing- Document_1
1ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYAnnotation 1:Yang, Q., Zhu, X., Fu, H., & Che, X. (2015). Survey of security technologies on wireless sensornetworks.Journal of sensors,2015.In this article, Yang et al., (2015) discussed on the survey that is conducted on thesecurity technologies on wireless sensor networks. Due to rapid development of wirelesscommunication, sensor technology is promoted to develop wireless sensor networks (WSN).WSN is consisted of an emergence network technology that is raised recently. It obtains lot ofconsistent information within distributed network wherever and anytime. While providing ofsecurity solutions to WSN, encryption technology is used to prevent the security issues. Theresearcher conducted the research to identify various security technologies used to mitigatesecurity and privacy risks from the cloud environment. The author proposed of key managementschemes. The limitation of this study is shortcomings into security as well as networkapplicability. Annotation 2:Inukollu, V. N., Arsi, S., & Ravuri, S. R. (2014). Security issues associated with big data incloud computing.International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications,6(3), 45.In this article, Inukollu, Arsi and Ravuri (2014) discussed about the security issues withincloud computing. This selected article is relevant as applications of big data are benefited to theorganizations, businesses and large and small scale industries. Various solutions for the problemswithin cloud computing security are discussed. In order to protect the data and big dataapplications, cloud computing plays a key significant role. Hadoop framework is discussed withusing of security framework to process larger amounts of data into the hardware. The author
Security Issues in Cloud Computing- Document_2
2ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYconcluded that cloud computing consists of various security issues as it contains of networks,operating systems, scheduling of resources, concurrency control and databases. Security over thedata contains of data encryption, but it makes sure that proper policies are to be followed for datasharing. Annotation 3:Modi, C., Patel, D., Borisaniya, B., Patel, A., & Rajarajan, M. (2013). A survey on securityissues and solutions at different layers of Cloud computing.The Journal ofSupercomputing,63(2), 561-592.In this article, Modi et al. (2013) discussed that the cloud computing provides scalable ondemand services to the customers with better suppleness as well as infrastructure asset. Thecloud services are provided the users using classical networking protocols and it is formattedover the internet. The researcher surveyed of various factors which affect the adoption of cloudcomputing are attacks, threats and vulnerabilities to strength security cloud environments. Theresearcher concluded that in the future, this research will focus on existing techniques andexamine of new security techniques to cloud environment. It requires a dynamic model andcrypto algorithm which will target various levels of security in addition to privacy for the cloudcomputing. Encryption algorithm consists of unfamiliar position of the data within cloud toadminister the data encryption.
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