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MySQL Database Management System Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Security Target Document for MySQL
MySQL Database Management System Assignment_1
Title: Security target document for MysqlStudent Name:Student Id:Subject:
MySQL Database Management System Assignment_2
Table of Contents:1.Introduction2.Target of Evaluation2.1Overview2.2Description2.3Mysql Database security Management2.4Mysql database Auditing3.Security Problems 3.1Threats about TOE3.2Assumptions about TOE3.3Organization Security Polices4.Security Objectives4.1Target of Evaluation security objectives4.2Environmental Security objectives for mysql 5.Security Requirements5.1 Functional Requirements5.2Assurance Requirements6.Target of Evaluation Summary6.1Security Functionality 6.2Assurance evaluation 7.References
MySQL Database Management System Assignment_3
1.Introduction: This report is based on the Mysql database management system in context of CybSecorganization. There are provided security target document for Mysql database managementsystem which will be used for a company CybSec which is planning to request common criteriacertification for its web-based system. The entire security target document is based on theMysql database management system and there are also included further terms with respect tothe Mysql database such as Target of evaluation for document which includes the overview ofthe system, description, and Mysql database security management. Moreover, the securitytarget document includes many related topics such as security objectives (Target of evolutionsecurity objectives, Environmental security objectives), security requirements (FunctionalSecurity requirements and assurance security requirements) and Target of evaluation summarywith appropriate references. Thus all these things are described as follows in the report with aproper security target document for Mysql database management system. 2.Target of Evaluation:The target of evaluation process includes the details of any particular product testingwith respect to its security properties. There are described multiple things in thisphase of the document such as overview, description, Mysql database securityManagement, and MySql database Auditing. These terms are described with respectto the target of security evolution for Mysql database management system. Thus thistarget of evolution is described as follows in detail. 2.1Overview: MySQL is the most popular open source database. It enables the cost effectivedelivery of reliable and high-performance web-based and embedded databaseapplications. Implementation of MySQL database for any organization is very easybut it is very important to consider security issues while installation of MySQLdatabase and working on it. While considering database security implementation ofdatabase vault became considerable. Vault comes with a variety of integrations todifferent systems. Vaults are integrated with MySQL as secret backend. A secretbackend can provide secrets. It means that Vault can create and revoke users fordatabases on demand.2.2Description: Organizations of all sizes commonly adopting MySQL database because it empowerthem to build applications which are faster and handle highly diverse types of data.To enhance security to access database and management database credentials androles Vaults are implements to enhance and ensure security audits. It is encryptedfile in the MySQL workbench data directory. The Vault provides a convenient secure
MySQL Database Management System Assignment_4

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