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SEE3045 – New Media Literacy.

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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SEE3045 – New Media LiteracyRequirements:Assignment must be completed using provided template and be free of grammatical errorsSave assignment as a Word DocumentSection 1 – Advertising vs. Public Relations (4 Points)Scenario:You are the CEO of a “Rush” a new energy drink company that is looking to penetrate thesaturated energy drink market. You need to build a campaign to create awareness for your brand.Please providetwo examples of advertising and two examples of public relationsyou will use in yourcampaign to create awareness for your brand.Provide Answer Below__________________________________________________________________Two examples of advertising1.Multimedia content could be an effective way for promotion of the brand, one canprepare short YouTube videos for creating a buzz for the brand.2.Regularly creating new content improves the SEO as well as increases the chances ofbeing found on web and this could possibly be done by blogging the content.Two examples of public relations1.Getting sponsors as well as making different people the partner of the brand you own canbe good for the business and builds a feeling of loyalty towards the business.2.By way of organizing the events provide opportunity for the customer to know yourbrand better since accurate information by way of promotion of new products or servicesreaches the customers.
Section 2 – Interview Questions (4 Points)Scenario:You are the host of “60 Minutes” and have an exclusive interview with Rihanna. Based on theseven types of interview questions discussed in class,create seven interview questions (one of eachtype) and identify the type of question. For instance, “Rihanna, what current projects are you workingon?” – Open-ended QuestionProvide Answer Below__________________________________________________________________1)How divergent are your two albums?– Open-ended Question2)Which celebrity influences you the most? – Open-ended Question3)Where do you define yourself in competition with other people in league? – Open-endedQuestion4)What are the strengths and weaknesses you have come to know about yourself after beinga reputed celebrity? – Open-ended Question5)If you were not a celeb, then what would you aspire to be? – Open-ended Question6)How was your collaboration with Shakira? – Open-ended Question7)One of your talents which is hidden from the world? – Open-ended Question
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