Segments in Hospitality Industry

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REFERENCESAli, F., Amin, M. and Cobanoglu, C., 2016. An integrated model of service experience, emotions, satisfaction, and price acceptance: an empirical analysis in the Chinese hospitality industry.Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management.25(4), pp.449-475.Redditt, J., Gregory, A.M. and Ro, H., 2019. An examination of organizational commitment and intention to stay in the timeshare industry: variations across generations in the workplace.International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration.20(2). pp.206-225P3) Contribution of the industry in growth of economy.Hospitality industry plays an important role in growth of economy of UK ta local, national andinternational levels. Companies that are operating their business in hospitality industry such as Hotels, restaurantshelp in providing employment to unemployed youths of the country. In year 2016, the industry has providedemployment to approximately 2.5 million people of UK.Hotels of the industry are contributing in the gross domestic product of the country by offering variousproducts and services to the customer. At international level, hospitality industry is playing a major role inincreasing inflow of foreign currency in UK because large number of customers are visiting from outside thecountry. P2) Various types of departments in organization.There are different departments in Marriott hotel that are responsible for performing various functions suchas -Front Desk - Employees that are performing front desk operations in Marriott Hotel are responsible forcontacting with the clients of the hotel. They provide information regarding availability of rooms to otherdepartments such as food and beverage etc.Housekeeping -The employees working in this department of Marriott Hotel is responsible for maintainingthe rooms of guests and maintenance of all the facilities in the rooms.Marketing - It is responsible for marketing of products and services of Marriott Hotel to attract targetedgroup of customers.CONCLUSIONFrom the above study it has been concluded that, thereare various types of segments in hospitality industry thatare providing their services to customers such as hotels,lodging etc. and different department in the hotel areresponsible for performing various functions to provideservices to the guests. Hospitality industry has played amajor role in providing employment to large number ofunemployed youths in UK.P1) Types of business in hospitality industryThere are different types of business segments in hospitality industry such as -Food and Beverage - It is one of the biggest segments of hospitality industry. The companies that are operating their business in food and beverage segment ofhospitality industry offers meals, beverages etc. to the customers. Lodging - It offers services like accommodation in hotels to various customers like budget travelers, etc.Travel and Tourism - Under this segment of hospitality industry, companies offer services related with travelling of people in ships, cabs, trains etc. Its mainobjective is to influence people for travelling because this will increase the cash inflow in the industry.INTRODUCTIONHospitality industry is one the major field of service industry. Itinvolves transportation, travelling, service of food and drink etc.Hospitality industry also includes restaurants that provides variousservices to customers. The Report will be based on Marriott Hotel.The headquarter of the hotel is located in UK. The study will outlinevarious types of business in hospitality industry, differentdepartments in a hotel and contribution of hospitality industry ingrowth of economy.THE CONTEMPORARY HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY

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