Selecting a Usability Project Topic


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Selecting a TopicQ: Can I do a website/ a desktop application/context-aware mobile device/ embedded system?Yes. This module is about human-computer interaction, however, not product design, so the interaction should, on balance, require the exchange of information , rather than physical work. Evaluation of mobile usage is discouraged, as recording interaction from a mobile device poses too many technical challenges (as I write) .Q: Can I do a learning exercise/multimedia ?No. This module is primarily about human-computer interaction – the design of navigation around content, the structuring and presentation of content. The content itself should be a secondary concern. Interactive learning systems are OK, and web pages with adverts on them are, seeking and interacting with information is ok ... ensure the balance is towards ease of use, not primarily pedagogy, or marketing.Q: I can’t decide what to doJust start: It is often difficult, if not impossible, to tell what kind of usability problems you might encounter, how difficult to domain is to learn about etc. without investigating. You can’t judge a book by its cover, so investigate one or two possibilities before making a decision. Project scoping is a skill to learn like analysing or evaluating. Try some usability inspection technique – heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, styleguide compliance assessmentStart with an interesting question: For example:www. Streetcar.co.uk somehow persuades people to give up their personal cars (to which they are allegedly irrationally wedded) to use a car club instead. How is that possible?http://www.beatlab.com kept my 11yr old occupied for hours. How is this site so immediately engaging?Look at reviews of cool softwarewww.wired.com/reviews/category/software-and-appsGet inspiration from your friends
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