Scrub Nurse Skills and Ability


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Selection CriteriaReliable, proactive and confident in working with aged care clients and skillsto work competently in healthcareIt is an evident fact that the aged people, male or female need extra care and cleanlinessduringor after undergoing an operation.Cleanliness before and after the operation is done is the mostvital activity which must be taken care of while dealing with the all the patient group in theoperation theater,particularly the aged patients as there is an increased chances of catchinginfection. With my skills and ability as a theater scrub nurse, I am able to understand the needs ofthe aged patients. During my training period I was given the supervision of an aged male patientwho was being operated in the theater. I was involved in passing the correct instruments to thesurgeon during the time of operation. In addition to this, cleanliness with the correct instrumentwas also important part of my routine. At the operation theatre I was capable of handling all theinstruments. Maintaining the sterile filled was my important responsibility at the time of theoperation.Many arguments followed his treatment that all the items that are kept in the sterile field mustalso be sterile according to my point of view. However, explaining my point and ensuring thesafety and hygienic use of all the items aided in winning over the arguments and by the next dayall the items within the sterile filed that were opened were checked for sterile indicators andintegrity of package.Demonstrated ability to follow and implement a designated plan to achieve adesired outcome.I have well-refined my abilities to manage my work as a scrub nurse in operation theater andaccomplish tasks as required by the surgeons and assisting them a medical practioner. While in
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