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Running head: EMOTIONS AND FEELINGSSense of Emotions andFeelings1|P a g e
Running head: EMOTIONS AND FEELINGSPart ATo make sense of emotions and feelingsCritical self-reflection includes analysis of several perspectives to understand details in-depths(Ellis, 2005;Chang 2016). Self-awareness is a critical perception from emotions and feelingspoint of view. It includes capacity to introspect and recognize oneself as being an identity that isdistinct from environment as well as individuals. The scope of this study examines criticalperspectives regarding self-awareness through critical reflections. A brief review of severalliteratures for the study is included to analyse pertinent facts and researches done from journals(Power and Dalgleish 2015). A research methodology has also been included that defines datacollection and review procedures. Lastly, a critical self-reflection is conducted taking intoconsideration all consideration for the study. Thus, a brief literature gap and scope for furtherstudy is also included.Concept regarding self-awareness arises to separate oneself and create a unique anddistinct identity for oneself. It cannot be confused with consciousness, as self-awareness enablesrecognition of awareness(Husebø et al. 2015). Brain functionality allows creation of an image ofself-awareness, enabling us to be self-aware biologically.Figure1: Concept of Self-Awareness2|P a g e
Running head: EMOTIONS AND FEELINGSSeveral researchers including Ramachandran has evaluated mirror neurons that enablesneurological basis for self-awareness amongst humans. Self-awareness is often understood asbeing a fundamental issue in psychology, rising from evolutionary and developmental image(Yousef and Yousef 2016). The theory ragrding self-awareness was initially developed by Duvaland Wicklund (1972) in their Theory of Objective Self Awareness. the above figure is adenotation of self-related concepts with that of self-awareness.Emotions and feelings have been found be best possible reflection regarding self. Self-awareness is best expressed through one’s feelings and emotions in various situations.Throughvarious emotional forms and feelings one can easily realize the characteristics and nature of self.Self-awareness has become an integral topic in several psychologicaldiscussions and researches. Several authors are examining concepts that can be related toconnected to theories regarding self-awareness(Mulkiet al2015). The scope of the study hasbeen developed with certain research aims as follows;The several aims of this research scope that will be examines in this study are;Research Aim :To make sense of emotions and feelings.In order to conduct any research it becomes critical to evaluate pertinent literary sources.The scope of this study will evaluate several literature sources from pertinent books and journals.The study has also made use of journalizing metaphors as emotions can be best described in thatmanner.Journaling metaphor has been used at it is one of the best techniques that can be used fordiscovering oneself.One of the pertinent literature for this study is S. Hudson, M.S. Roth, T.J.Madden, and R. Hudson (2015) article, The effects of social media on emotions, brandrelationship quality, and word of mouth: An empirical study of music festival attendees.InTourism Management,volume47, pages 68 to 76(Hudson et al 2015). This journal focuses onhow important emotions and feelings are and how it drives a person. As the level of emotionsand feelings is different for different person this study will undertake this research based onpersonal experiences and personal data The context of the research that has been selected isprofessional self-image (Alvesson, 2010). According to the social identity theory identity is a3|P a g e
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