Assignment on Selfcare in Nursing

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Running head: SELF CARE IN NURSINGSELF CARE IN NURSINGName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1SELF CARE IN NURSINGIntroductionSelf care can be defined as the activity that a patient takes up for his or her own physical andspiritual well being. This paper aims to discuss about the theories of Dorothea Orem related toself care (Orem, 2012). The paper will provide an insight regarding the attributes of the self caremodel supported by specific case studies. A literature review has also been provided to supportthe assumptions and the concept analysis of the theory.Definition of Dorothea Orem’s theoryDorothea Orem's theory of self care includes three related parts, which are as follows-Theory of self careTheory of the system of nursingTheory of self deficit careOrem's theory also includes Self care, which are the activities performed by an individual for hisor her own well being (Orem, 2012).Self care agency- this is the human ability to engage in self care, which is conditioned by the agedevelopmental states.Self care requisites, includes the developmental self care requisites, universal care requisites andhealth division self care requisites.Literature reviewAccording to the authorBerbiglia & Banfield, (2013), nursing is an art, which apractitioner uses to provide appropriate care to the patients. A nurse participates in the treatmentregimen that a physician decides from patient. As proposed by (Dobrina, Tenze & Palese, 2014),
2SELF CARE IN NURSINGeach individual has got the right and the ability to perform self care and are responsible for theirown physical as well as mental well being.Orem's initial theory of nursing refers to the fact that man requires self care andmanagement on a continuous basis for sustaining the life and the health of her own, forrecovering from injury and adjusting with their effects. As proposed byGhafourifard &Ebrahimi, (2015), Orem’s self care model proposes a structure where the nurses helps thepatient by maintaining an ample level of self care. The interventions of the nursing should bedependent upon the level up to which the patient is able to meet the needs of self care. AccordingtoBaumann & Dang, (2012) the universal self care requisites involves air, water, food,elimination, rest and activity, social communication and isolation.The developmental self care requisites involve the social interaction such as the marriage,college, retirement, maintenance of good health (Dobrina, Tenze & Palese, 2014).According toAltay & Çavuşoğlu, (2013), the major assumptions of the Orem's self care deficitstheory can be stated as -People should be responsible for their care and self reliant. Nursing is a kind of an action,which involves interaction between two people. A person should be aquainted to his healthproblems for adopting self care behaviors (Orem, 2012).The three theories of the Orem's model are interrelated. The theory of self caredemarcates the demands of self care that a person requires in order to stay healthy.Defining attributesThe attributes of Dorothea Orem's theory are as follows:-
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