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Perspectives on Self-Care (Doc)

Added on -2020-12-08

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SELF-CAREIn the modern era, everyone is occupied with so many obligations that people don’t even haveany time for themselves. But hey; stop and just remember that our biggest responsibility is totake care of ourselves. Self-care means to let our body and mind speak for ourselves, then afterwe understand their need to sketch out plans and executable activities that relax our body andmind. Therefore frequently pamper and nurture yourself with lots of love unconditional and care.Self-care basically of three types: emotional self-care, physical self-care, and spiritual self-care.Emotional Self-care is the need to study and get engaged with our emotions since they are notnaturally defined as good or bad rather they are categorized based on our feelings. Example: In asingle day we feel thousands of different emotions but barely recognize any. In such a case thebest thing to do is to go to a loved one’s and make them understand your emotions or to grab apen and a journal to write down your emotions on a sheet of paper. It will unload that emotionalbaggage from your life, by conveying yourself a sense of relief and strengthens your emotions. Spiritual Self-care is connecting with your own values and appreciating every pitiful thing thatactually matters to us. It’s more like soul searching and finding peace within our own selvesinstant of seeking it else-where. Example: Due to a big trauma we might feel lost andunrecoverable but that’s not the end, in such hard times we need to nourish ourselves withcompassion and concern. This can easily be done by practicing Yoga and meditation regularly,by serving others, being grateful for everything precious to you, or praisesnature for its valuableofferings that have made our life journey.Physical Self-care is of utmost importance for every individual present on this earth as it isnecessary for our bodily well-being because our health is our absolute wealth. A Physically fit

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