(PDF) Self-reflection during first clinical practice

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RUNNING HEAD: REFLECTION1ReflectionName:Institution:Tutor:Date:
CLINICAL REFLECTION2REFLECTIONDESCRIPTIONDuring my clinical rotation at the hospital, I was the one who was the given the role ofabdominal assessment to majority of the patients whom doctors had prescribed for the same. Iwill reflect on the experience using the Gibbs’s model of reflection (Williams, Woolliams, &Spiro, 2012). During the assessment, I started by obtaining the history, inspecting the abdomen,performing auscultation, percussion and then I would finish palpation and then documenting thefindings.Another incidence that occurred while I was at the hospital was that after documentingthe findings from the assessment, I did not explain to the patient the detailed findings of theassessment. All I did is wrote down the report and handed over to him. This is because I made anassumption that the patient was quite knowledgeable and I felt that he would read and understandthe findings on his own .Another incident was a 67 year old patient who experienced suddenonset of right quadrant abdominal pain. The patient described the pain on a scale of 4/10.I placedthe patient in a comfortable position and then went ahead with the assessment. I also provided asafe and comfortable environment for the patient by closing the door so that the patient couldfeel secure and provide any confidential information.FEELINGSI felt very offended especially after learning that the patient could not see properly. Mysupervisor also advised me that it is not right for not interpreting the results or the findings to thepatient. After placing the patient in a very comfortable position, I was very happy since the
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