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Self-Reflection on the Study Skills Module PDF

Added on - 20 Jan 2022

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Self-Reflection on the Study Skills Module
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After the completion of thecourse, I realized the importance of self-reflection. Self-
evaluation helps to obtain a clear picture of our selves. Self-evaluation helps in cutting
down the confusion and vagueness and navigates us more easily towards success.
Every person has their own sets of qualities and flaws. No one is born perfect. It needs
hard work and effort to undergo personal development. During this course, I felt the
need and importance of the self-reflection process. I felt that balancing emotion and
reason is the key to success. Maintain a proper balance between the two, that is,
emotion and reason will prove to be beneficial in life (Rowe, 2017). I experienced
internal conflicts as well regarding various factors like strengths, weaknesses and many
more. Reflection or evaluation helps to pinpoint the positive as well as the negative
factors that have an impact on the entire situation. I felt like there is a need to improve
myself and turn my inabilities into my qualities.One of the most important aspects of the
internal conflicts that I experienced was the feeling of helplessness associated with it.
Helplessness, from a psychological standpoint, is one of the by-products of a loss of
self-control and is indicative of a coping attitude (Nuvvula, 2016).A self-reflective
themselves and look at the learning and knowledge acquisition process in an evaluative
manner(Tayloret al., 2016).I’ve learned from my experience during this course and
going forward, my most important focus would be to have a much more open approach
towards forming friendships and become acquainted with a network of people who have
diverse interests and ideas.
I also have flaws and positive traits which I need to hone to progress in life. Self-
reflection helps us to delve deeper and have a better understanding of ourselves
(Sherwoodet al.,2021). Self-awareness is the ultimate key to success. Knowing own
strengths and weaknesses helps an individual to build an action plan that will help him
to improve. Although after the completion of the course I realized that there do exists
these factors which might create confusion and dilemma but we have the potential to
develop the areas of vulnerabilities and turn them into our strengths. In my teaching
practice sessions, I felt so helpless that I thought of leaving this career and start
something new. Figuring out my strength and weaknesses and working on them will
competency and working on the weaknesses to make them strong is the ultimate way to
ace in every sphere of life.Additionally, my sense of helplessness also came from a
lack of control over the external situation at the moment, which affected my learning
abilities as a whole (Rydzewskaet al., 2017). My issues during the teaching practice
placement came as a result of a loss of confidence which is, partially, the result of this
feeling of helplessness and a lack of control over situations.Here too it is no different as
the study skills module was intended for a more personalised approach to the learning
process, and it was an engaging process for me. On the other hand, understanding
oneself is the key to a better future which is of utmost importance in regards to career
prospects.This would make it easier for me to see the world from different perspectives
gain a positive outlook about things. Additionally, speaking up about the feelings of
helplessness is a needed aspect for every individual as it allows for a moment of
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