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(PDF) Self-Regulation versus Government Regulation

Added on - 29 Nov 2019

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ASSESSMENT TASKPART A- THEORY1. Define the terms self-regulation and government regulation as they apply todocumentation standards in the workplaceSelf-regulation refers to an organization's internal terms, conditions and policies whichemployees and all stakeholders are expected to abide by while working for or with theorganization. These policies must be linked and abide by government regulations but willusually have a unique set of rules which employees must follow. Government regulations willusually cover a broader spectrum of laws governing businesses and industries from differentsectors. All self-regulations must adhere to government regulations so as to be classified aslegal and abiding.2. What legislation and ethical requirements should be considered when developingbusiness documents such as reports, proposals application forms etc.?The development of policies and other organization documentation must be created byfollowing a strict code of conduct in which ensures the organization abides by ethical normslaws and regulations. Some important requirements include honesty and integrity, authorityrespect and courtesy, equality and diversity, use of physical force, orders and instructions,duties and responsibilities, confidentiality, fitness for work and conduct management.3. Explain the difference between verification and validation in relation to developingdocumentation; give an example of a technique that can be used for eachVerification and validation are terms which are commonly confused due to their havingsimilar sounds but the two terms differ considerably; Verification refers to countercheckingexisting records and aligning the recorded information to physical held proof. An example ofverification is counterchecking the accuracy of document copies with the originals ensuringthe information is correct and corresponds. Validation refers to checking or counter checkingthe validity of something based on its acceptance. An example of situations involvingvalidation is checking document acceptability while opening a bank account or other legal
paperwork which require specific documents to be presented. In the absence of the sanctioneddocuments, the use of alternative documents will need to be validated before the applicationcan be approved or accepted.4. What are the responsibilities of professional developers of documentation that causeethical conflicts? Specifically, discuss what to do when asked to withhold negativeinformation diminish or -de-emphasize negative information fabricate good information orexaggerate the value or importance of good informationProfessional developers of documentation are required to collect information and perform ananalysis listing all the pros and cones linked to the concern. This information must list allconcerns related to the case after which the professional developers of documentation mustmeet the client and inform them regarding the case. It is critical to maintaining high ethics byoffering accurate information related to the case to avoid misleading the client beforepreparing documentation. This is especially important regarding questionable concerns whichmust be resolved before the documentation is finalized and presented to the concerned party.Failure to address such concerns leads to ethical conflict between clients and documentationprofessionals due to vulnerabilities failing to have been addressed or covered5. Many agree that document developers have a responsibility to display information in away that helps readers to think. Discuss the Principles of design as they are applied todocumentation from this perspective. Discuss each of the principles and the benefits andliabilities of eachVisibility plays a critical role towards accurate understanding thus all venerability must behighlighted to attract reader attention. Currently, mainly vulnerabilities related to terms andcondition a printed in the very small font to avoid being noticed and later raised a concern todevelop. This is unethical and should not be practiced as it loses consider a trust.6. Developing readable documentation is an important component of the field of documentdevelopment and design Explain how the following contribute to producing readabledocumentation: formatting content organization, budget, staffing requirements, reviews andapprovals and user testing
Clarity plays important points towards securing an individual’s attention while viewing adocument. This makes it vital to utilize bright colours, large font headings, and content andbullet points to enhance attention. This makes the documents design budget need to focus onhighlighting aspects which help the document stand out and communicate the message brieflyinstantly to the viewer. Detailed clarifications and be provided later if clarification isrequested. Tests must also be conducted to identify document clarify and readabilitysimplicity.7. Discuss the role of user testing in creating usable documentation. As you areformulating your answer consider the following questions when should user testing occur inthe documentation process? What are the minimal and ideal standards for establishing auser test that would produce significant results? Why is user testing important? What canwriters learn from user testing?During the formatting process, the clarity of the document must be tested among target testsubjects to help identify important areas which may require modification. The areas shouldthen be refined to improve clarity and communications of the desired message. Failure to testdocuments before mass production can lead to the serious quality flaw, wastage of funds andinability of the document to communicate the message to the reader.8. Usability testing of print and online draft document is becoming more common in theworkplace. Discuss the practical and theoretical arguments for incorporating usabilitytesting into document development Give examples of document attributes that technicalcommunicators might want to test with real usersThe amount of content and advertisements being published by the print and digital media ison the rise. This is resulting in many people today overlooking advertisements opting to eachfor the information when needed. This makes it crucial to keep messages brief and very clearto ensure they transmit the message to the viewer at a glance and capture the individual’sinterest. Long messages are simply not entertained by viewers today.
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