PSYC205 - Senses and Child Development Report

Added on - Mar 2020

This report will discuss neurotransmission. There are three main categories of neurons namely sensory neurons, interneurons as well as motor neurons and each of them has its function in the body. This report will describe the list of human senses and the importance of touching a baby research will reveal that touching a baby may lead to enhanced cognitive, physiological, emotional as well as social development.

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2NeurotransmissionIn our daily life, there are many experiences in the world such as noise, soft talks, painamong others and there are organs that are used to transmit information to the brain. In thecentral nervous system, there are neurons which are used to conduct impulses using axons ornerve fibers. There are three main categories of neurons namely: sensory neurons, interneuronsas well as motor neurons and each of them has its function in the body. The brain becomes whatit is due to its functional and structural properties of the interlinked neurons. The brain of allmammals has between a hundred million and hundred billion neuron which depends on theorganism. Each neuron in the body has a cell body, an axon, and dendrites. Neurons transmitsignals from one location to the other, around different regions of the nervous system.Additionally, they also link the sense receptors to the central nervous system. It is also their roleto link one section of the nervous system to the other, for instance, in the spine and the brain.They transmit signals from the nervous system to parts like the glands and muscles which areknown as the effector organs(Maricet al., 2017, p. 157). After stimulating the neurons, theytransmit electrical impulses. A motor neuron has a nucleus which is enclosed by cytoplasm. Thiscytoplasm creates an extended fiber which is bounded by a membrane of a cell known as anaxon. The axon transmits the electrical impulse which is secured by a fatty sheath, and it is a bitlike a plastic covering around an electrical wire. This fatty sheath tends to increase the speed oftransmitting a nerve impulse. The nerve ending branches to form a good connection with theeffector neurons or other neurons. Evidently, where two neurons meet, they do not make a directconnection but instead, where they tend to meet there is somehow a very small gap which isreferred to as a synapse. Additionally, the signals need to cross the synapse in order to continuewith their journey from or to the central nervous system. The entire idea is done using chemicals
3which usually diffuse through the gap which is left between two neurons. When the neurons sendor receive messages, they carry electric impulses in their axons. The fatty sheath in the axons aremade by using unique cell known as glia. Additionally, the glia which makes the sheath in thebrain are known as oligodendrocytes, and also referred to as Schwann cells in the peripheralnervous system. When the impulses are transmitted to the brain through the neurons, the braintells the entire body how to react by sending impulses through the neurons again(Sandoet al.,2017, p. 319). For instance, if an individual accidentally steps on a hot coal, the nerves located inthe skin send a message of pain to the brain, and the brain sends a message to the nervesinforming the muscles to react by pulling the leg away from the hot coal.List of Human SensesHumans have five senses namely: sight which enables people to see, smell used forsmelling, touch, hearing, and taste.Importance of Touching a BabyAll parents should be aware of the importance of touching or massaging their babyregularly and understand that it is a tactic to offer them much more, creating more time forbonding and giving them healthier development. One of the major significant experiences fortheir baby’s happy growth is giving them a loving touch. Evidently, research reveals that regularmassage and touch by a caregiver or a parent are important to the baby’s development, learning,and communication(Gonçalveset al., 2013, p. 830).Research reveals that touching a baby may lead to enhanced cognitive, physiological,emotional as well as social development. Particularly, baby massage to proven to improvemental growth and increase the level of attentiveness and alertness in children. Research shows

In brief, this report described categories of neurons namely sensory neurons, interneurons and motor neurons. It described a type of human senses and the importance of touching a baby.

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