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Service Level Agreement[aarnet][aarnet][Level 7, Tower A799 PacificHighway][Sydney,Chatswood NSW, 5519][1989]Notes:The following template is provided for writing a Service Level Agreementdocument.[Inside each section, text in green font between brackets is included to provideguidance to the author and should be deleted before publishing the finaldocument.]Inside each section, text in black font is included to provide a realistic example.This sample has been adapted from a real case in which the client identity ishidden for privacy purpose. The parties are identified as “The Service Provider”and “The Client.”You are free to edit and use this template and its contents within your organization;however, we do ask that you don't distribute this template on the web withoutexplicit permission from us.
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Table of Contents1.INTRODUCTION41.1Purpose41.2Scope41.3Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations51.4References71.5Overview72.PARTICIPANTS82.1Signatories82.2Contacts82.3Responsibilities83.SERVICE OBJECTIVES AND MEASUREMENTS113.1Service Objectives113.1.1Service Hours113.1.2Service Availability113.1.3Service Reliability123.1.4Scheduled Processing123.1.5Exceptional Processing133.1.6Service Performance143.1.7Capacity153.2Service Objectives Ratings153.3Measurement Details163.4Measurement Reporting164.ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS185.SUPPORTING INFORMATION195.1List of Tables195.2Index19Page4
1.IntroductionService Level Agreement (SLA) may be defined as a commitment between a clientand a service provider. SLA is also a contract between a service provide and itsinternal and external Clients which documents what type of service will be furnishedby a service provider and also defines the standards of services which is obligatoryfor a services provider to meet. In this agreement particular aspects of services like-availability, quality and responsibilities are agreed between a service user andservice provider. In other words it can be said that SLA is a key criteria for containingthe information related to services levels and obligations between client and serviceprovider. This document is based on a Service Level Agreement of Aarnet and whichwill cover aspects of SLA which exists between the Aarnet and their customers.1.1PurposeMain purpose of this document is to provide an agreement between Aarnet and theclient which consists of various measurable and quantitative terms within theagreement. Another purpose of a document is that it provides Aarnet a serviceobjectives which are to be met and procedures for measuring these serviceobjectives and also to schedule of distribution of measurement. Service LevelAgreement help Aarnet to ensure that there is a proper understanding between andtheir customers and commitments made are to be fulfilled in order to providesupport, measure and make a resource planning for providing the Help DeskService. SLA helps a company to define its working relationship with the clientswithin the service contract and it is generally applicable for the business ascompared to customers and even it may involve one or more clients. So, SLAservice a main purpose for client and for a company which beneficial for a companyin maintaining a good relationship.1.2ScopeSLA includes the statement of objectives, that provides a list of services which is tobe covered by the agreement between company and the client and it also definesthe responsibilities of a service provider as well as the customers under service levelagreement. There are three types of SLA such as service based SLAs, Multi-level orHierarchical SLAs and Customer Based SLAs.The service to be provided by Arnet is provision of Help Desk for the informationtechnology infrastructure of “The client”. The areas to be serviced are:The main facility, located in, Sydney,Level7, Tower A, 799 PacificHighway, Chatswood NSW 2067Page5
The branch office, located in Adelaide,Building E, UniSA, MawsonLakes SA 5095And the subsidiary facilities located in Armidale, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perthand Sydney UTS.The time frame will be from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019.A complete description about the devices, networks, workstations, servers,operating systems, and applications to be provided and is listed in the referenceddocument.For the provision of this service, the following processes have been optimized:Incident Management, which involves the activities to identify, analyse as wellas correct the hazards in order to prevent it from re-occurring in the future.Request Fulfillment, it means the fulfillment of service requests from theusers, it includes providing a channel for request to the customers and oprovide a standard service to customers.Service which does not include in SLA are as follows:Any form of request which made by personnel that does not belonging to theauthorized list of employees from the Client.The service which are not listed in the document are exempted for exampleservers,networks, workstations, devices, applications and operating systemsthat are not listed in the referenced document.The requests and incidents from facilities which are not listed in the above-mentioned document.1.3Definitions, Acronyms, and AbbreviationsTermDefinitionAccessManagementIt is the process of allowing the users to have the access of IT services and data andother assets. It is the process of identifying, tracking, controlling and managing thespecified user's access to a system, IT or applications.AgreementAn agreement is made between the two parties in order to reach the understanding abouta particular issue which may include obligations, rights and duties .AvailabilityAbility means to make the number of IT service or other configuration items available toperform their agreed functions whenever it is required.EscalationEsca;lation mean a process of becoming faster and it may be defined as an activity whichPage6
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