Assignment on Sex, Crime and Justice

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Running head: SEX, CRIME AND JUSTICESex, Crime and JusticeName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
SEX, CRIME AND JUSTICE1Cyber-community and Cyber-identityUndoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in the history of Mankind has been the internet as theease through which any regular person is able to access it. The way in which people interactedand communicated has been indeed radically changed by the introduction of internet where eventelecommunication is possible. The internet which had initially been invented for military usedhas in the contemporary world become became a general feature of almost all computer devicesaround the world. As the internet can be easily and widely accessed it has become a significantinfluence on the society and its individuals. I did not have much knowledge about thesignificance ofcyberidentity and cybercommunity in the contemporary world. In had aperception that cyberidentity and cybercommunity are moderate in nature and do not possess anysignificant harm to the society. People have been provided a new platform through which theycan express their views and find people who have similar perspectives as it would be difficult forthem to do such activities easily without the use of the internet.According toRoberts Indermaur and Spiranovic (2013)cyber identity or Internet identity is asort of social identity which uses of the Internet create an established in online websites andcommunities.Nakamura and Chow (2013)define cyber identity as the actively portraitpresentation of one's personality. I thought that people always choose their real names toestablish their Internet identity however in reality Internet users also prefer to be using differentnames and be anonymous through identifying themselves using pseudonyms unrevealing onlycertain kind of information through which personality can be identified. The relationship of theuser with certain social group which they are a part of online can also be used to identify theserver identity of a person. Through detailed study on cyber identity I got the knowledge thatsome people can also be deceptive in relation to their identity on the Internet. In few online
SEX, CRIME AND JUSTICE2context such as online chats massive multiplayer online games Internet forums Internet usersVirtually represent themselves by selecting an avatar which is a graphical image size of icon.Choosing search avatars maybe a certain kind of way through which the Internet identity isestablished. Whether or not The Identity established over the Internet can be trusted is derivedfrom the interaction of such identity with other users. The association of Cyber identity andcommunity is mostly through authentication which generally needs login and registration.Tracking cookies and IP address are also used by a few websites to identify users. The principlesin relation to Cyber identity and how emerging Technology influences it is a subject area ofresearch in feels like psychology Sociology and education. One of the notable examples is theonline this inhibition effect which refers to the concept of uninhibited and advise behavior overthe Internet which establishes through audience gratification and anonymity.The Internet provides a space to the users through which they have the possibility of exposingand expressing their identities in a social context. For instance identity is defined by peoplethrough creation of user profiles in social networking sites like Twitter LinkedIn or Facebook.More tactic identities are defined when the individuals by providing opinions and blogs oversearch social networking sites. There may be a certain issues related to privacy with thedisclosure of cyber identity. Strategies are adopted by many people through which they cancontrol the disclosure of their personal identity over the Internet. Some of these strategies requiresignificant investment of efforts.Carpenter, Steeves and Abzarian (2016)states that manyquestions have been raised among academic after the emergence of online identity concept. Theconcept of Identity have been complicated by online avatars and social networking services. Adomain of scholarly research have been created by academy for responding to such emerging
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