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NEWS ARTICLE2IntroductionTechnology is seen as the biggest boon for the present era, where technology has eased so manyaspects of the daily life of the people. But as is said, everything has both good and bad aspects.And this is the case with technology, where along with the various benefits offered by it, itcauses great damage (Powell and Henry, 2015). This is particularly in the context of onlinesexual harassment which is being used very commonly in this digital age. Sexual harassmentrefers to a form of unwelcome sexual behaviour which is intimidating, offensive and humiliating.It is unlawful and affects the victims in different manners. It can take place in an oral, written,physical form, including one in persona or online. It can take place irrespective of the genderbounds, i.e., to men and women (Segrave and Vitis, 2017).In the following parts, a case study published online in CNN has been taken as a base forevaluating the impact of technology over online sexual harassment with regards to sexuality andgender.ArticleThe article begins with famous incidents of sexual harassment, including the very recent Twittertrending issue of #MeToo where different women who had been harassed shared this tag to showthat they too had been sexually harassed (Wallace, 2017; Lawton, 2017). The article then moveson to the book where a voice is given to the women who have been sexually harassed online.This article also covered the statistics given by Pew Research Centre attained through a survey,where 21% of women between the ages of 18 and 29 had been sexually harassed online, which is
NEWS ARTICLE3more than twice the same figure for men. This survey highlighted that men were more likely toexperience online harassment in comparison to women, including incidents of name calling andphysical threats, yet women showed more concern about it. In the view of 77% women and 83%of women between 18 and 29, online harassment was a major problem. This figure for men stoodat 54% and for young men, stood at 54% (Duggan, 2017).The article highlights the story of Annmarie Chiarini who was a college English professor and amother of two and had dealt with online sexual harassment. Without her consent, some revealingphotos of Chiarini were published online and this made her so much conscious that she had tothink twice before leaving home as she kept wondering who had seen her. The incident beganback in 2009 where she got a request on Facebook from an old high school boyfriend, whichtransformed into a romantic relationship. After the possessiveness of the boyfriend, therelationship ended, which was not taken well by the boyfriend. He then decided to action thenude photos of Chiarini online. As a result of this, her body, her sexuality and her privacy wasbreached in form of online sexual harassment. This incident did not end here and a year later, afake profile was created online using her semi-nude images, where she was shown to invite mento her house for sex (Wallace, 2017).The article highlighted the manner in which online sexual harassment can ruin the life of aperson. By using the image of a person without their context, in different manner, a person canbe destroyed in terms of their dignity and self-respect. It is commonly known that a thing whichgoes on the internet forever stays on the internet in some or the other form. So, once a person hasbeen sexually harassed online as was done in the case of Chiarini, the chances of the old photosresurfacing can never be eliminated (Wallace, 2017).
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