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Sex with Minors | Assignment

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

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Running head: SEX WITH MINORS1Sex with MinorsInstitution’s NameDate
SEX WITH MINORS2IntroductionSex with minors attracts considerable attention not only from those directly affected bythe vice, but from the general public as well. In recent times, there has been a call to review theexisting law that concerns sex with minors (Beech, Elliott, Birgden, & Findlater, 2008). In doingso, those involved are to look at several factors that will ultimately make the law more just andacceptable. Thus, a review of the law must be one that includes a study on whether the law isstiffer or lenient, public participations or consultations and considers the various classes uponwhich the crime falls.Factors to consider in reviewing the LawTo start with, there are various issues involving the vice which must be put intoconsideration. From the legal perspectives, studying precedents is critical to review the law. InJoshua Robinson case, a martial art instructor who serves a four-year jail term for havingconsensual sex with underage girls, the judgment appears to the public as a lenient sentence. Inaddition to that, there are several cases in the past that the general public believes are similar tohis and which the convicts serve harsher penalties than that of Joshua Robinson. On the contrary,the Office of the Attorney General responds to the public outcry by stating that the judgment isin line with the other court precedents similar to that case(Urbas, 2010). Therefore, for anyreview pertaining sex with a minor to occur, it is pivotal to factor in studies from judicialprecedents that involve sex with children.In addition to that, public consultations and participation is another factor to consider inreviewing the laws that are in place concerning sex with minors. It is important that law servesthe best interest of the people and not to stir or cause a public outcry. About Joshua Robinson
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