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Improving Customer Service at Shabby College: Strategies and Progress Monitoring

Added on -2019-09-22

This article discusses the strategies and progress monitoring for improving customer service at Shabby College. It covers the 5 features of products and services, customer service plan, staff support strategy, and more. The article also includes a timeline for implementing the customer service plan, a Likert scale for monitoring team performance, and recommendations for developing and procuring resources.
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Shabby College Simulation WorkTask-1.1 5 features of product and services 1.Shabby college provides diploma in business to students which is of 1 year course having 2days a week of 14 hours classes. 2.Students don’t need any certificate-IV or any such things to do this course. 3.This a full time classroom course, no online platforms. 4.Students can take materials from the two computers available for them.5.There is no rules and regulations need to be employed or have any accessibility to aworkplace. Key concerns raised by students-Staffs are not supportive. They don’t clear doubts and issues of students most of the times. Study materials are not enough for preparing for exam. Sanitary system is too poor. No socialization between students and staff members exist. Payment of fees and other things are not organized. Concerns raised by focused group with customers- Poor and unsupportive managementsystem, unhygienic environment, shortage of staff, lack of their availability and biasness inevaluation of students’ tasks. Task-1.4 – Customer Service Plan Objective- To provide maximum satisfaction to all students enrolled for the course withouthaving a single complaint against our service. 5 strategies- Revise the study curriculum as prescribed by National Strategy for InternationalEducation 2025.
Bring E-education into study system to optimise the education service delivery andquality of service.Conduct Teacher’s KSA test to identify the competency level so that what’s the short-coming can be identified and training can be provided accordingly. After this, callexternal faculties from any reputed organization to help teaching staffs how to carry outtheir work.Recruit some surplus teachers on contractual basis to deal with excess capacity. Start construction works for building extension to give comfort for the students andteachers to have informal relationship.Fulfil material requirements as soon as possible. Timeline- sequence wiseRevision of curriculum and policy of management- 15 daysTeacher’s training and new recruitment- 2 ½monthBringing computers and projectors- 20 days Launching online classroom program and set up for it- 1.5 monthsTask 2.2 – Customer Service Policy and Procedures Quality assurance- To ensure quality in service delivery, the following 5 things needed to bedone-Auditing of the courses that are provided to know its relevance in today’s date. Teacherassessment will be done to keep them up to date. Study materials will be arranged in propermanner so that it will fulfil all the requirements. Availability of material will be checked atregular interval and finally, how student are getting matters will be identified. Accurate Information- Advance software and cloud network are going to be implemented tobring accuracy in data feeding and service delivery. Third party involvement- Each students will be given unique ID and password to access theinformation and keep their records like their study reports, personal data etc. The college
support staff can access to this cloud only. If any trainer needs it, they will have to give specialrequest and login credentials to access the document.Consumer complaints- it will be a 6 way approach-Identify queries and issues from students by noting it down.Ask question- more info. about problem. Without any delay, investigate matterAccept mistake and apology for it. Identify solutions to deal with matters. Start solving problem with feedback mechanism. Task 2.3- Implementation of Staff Support Strategy Here are the 5 effective actions that can be taken by management and staff to improvecustomer service delivery-1)Train your staff to identify need- If staff gets to know about what the students are expectingthen only he can meet desired service. The training involves study of consumer behaviourand basic about service so that they will able to understand what students expect fromthem. Basically, if teachers are able to identify the latent need it will help them to solvetheir issues and queries. Conclusion- Need identification helps in managing the coursesoffered. 2)Keep database- A cloud system will be operated in college where teachers will receive anydoubts, queries and even materials necessary for exam so that students won’t feel shortageof material. It will help them to set before going to class that what is to be done today?Conclusion- Cloud network database will provide required information as and when it isneeded without any trouble. 3)E-education training- Apart from classroom teaching, now onwards teachers will teach inonline platform. Training will be given to them that how they can use e-education when it isnot possible to conduct classroom teaching and also for extra classes and as supportmaterial. Conclusion- Online teaching can be done anywhere and it can be accessed by thestudent at any time they need which will reduce the teaching burden.

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